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Blank Riven Mods?


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Hi DE, what if there were blank Riven mod that allowed us to fuse any 2 mods?

Here are a couple ideas how we could balance this:
1] We could be limited to 1 blank riven mod - possibly from a mission. (non-tradeable, but re-useable, incase someone changes their mind about the initial stats)
2] Blank mods are limited to 3 effects - such as Critical Damage + Initial Combo + Attack Speed
3] The Percentage of the skills on the mod are generated Randomly, so if I put my Primed Pressure Point at 165%, it possible I can get: Melee Damage 90% or 120%.
4] Riven Transmutation - we could only receive a blank riven by transmuting 4 Rivens.

I feel like this would be beneficial for the warframe community because with all the RNG Rivens have to offer, this would be a nice get away or break for players struggling with Rivens.

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