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I got globally banned from IRC for asking if nezha is a trap


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Warframe is a mature rated game, it does not hold your hands when playing and is arguably pretty hard to get into but when you say something vaguely rude, insulting or mature in chat you get G-lined from orbit. Not just region chat, but all the chat. Want to talk to your squad but you got banned from saying something in region? Nah mate #*!% you. Whats up with that?

The only thing I remember saying that can get me banned is asking "Is nezha a trap? :thinking:" in region. Why is this still a bannable offence? This is rediculous. I heard people are getting banned for saying words that aren't even insults like "Niger", "gae" and other words that aren't even insulting or "parodies" of insults (like "nibba" idk). Or saying words that are offensive without context but when you add context it isn't offensive at all (Like saying you are gay for example)

The worst part is I didn't even know I was banned. I just got straight up G-lined. No warning, no message saying I got suspended or whatever. A straight up G-line. For asking if Nezha is a trap


A G-line is an extreme measure that's used as a last resort when all previous methods of attempting to discipline an abusive user have failed.

I got G-lined for asking if nezha is a trap


If I said something grossly offensive and downright disgusting. Yes, I would understand this punishment, but this is just rediculous.

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4 minutes ago, Xaero said:

It's been a long time since I've seen such post.

Good because things like this should not happen.

3 minutes ago, Skaleek said:

Last i checked DE viewed such phrasing as derogatory and inflammatory. Common knowledge around these parts. In fact i expect your thread to be locked and/or deleted.

"Trap" is not a derogatory term unless it is directly aimed at someone in the context of harming said person.

Yes, some people may be sensitive if they get called a trap. But nezha is not a 'someone'.

If trap is a "derogatory term" with every context, "Kinetic Siphon Trap" also is, and should be removed. Theres two sides to this coin if we're going to ignore context

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 like "Niger", "gae" and other words that aren't even insulting or "parodies" of insults (like "nibba" idk)

Those words get used as workarounds that's why they're bannable. That whole Nezha deal is such an old and dry meme and that other word is also used as a slur against a specific group of people. 

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If you demonstrate that you are not responsible enough to use the in game chat, then you will lose your chatting privileges.

Simple as that.


Posting thinly veiled (or blatantly) racist slurs? That's a chat ban.

Posting vulgar content? Chat ban.

Sexually derogatory remarks? Chat ban.

Threats? Chat ban.

"But it's a meme!" does not excuse the posting of racist, sexist, vulgar, derogatory or other rule violating content.


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