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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.4


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il y a 10 minutes, Afterburner_X a dit :

Hi DE. Looks like I can farm the new Prime Parts now or I could test again how buggy and unfunny Railjack still is…

Railjack is all about Archwing stuff and you just nerfed stuff with Empyrean. I mean changing every Archgun to projectile based is kinda weird. How can you kill enemies in space effectively when they are that fast and you are forced to use projectile based Weapons now? Also Archmelees are extremely useless. Archmelee also still has that ultimate Meme Mod [Furor]. Adding 10% Attack Speed at maxed Rank. Funny. Farming Intrinsics and other resources is some next level of Grind. Being forced to play the same boring missions hundreds of times just isn’t fun. Everyone should get all the resources that were collected during the Mission at least. Unrewarding Grind isn’t Content DE.

With all these recent changes and updates I’m really wondering what will be next. Maybe it would be a good idea to ask yourself if the Content you create is actually enjoyable. I mean it’s kinda foreseeable that people will hate stuff like projectile based Archguns or Paracesis like Kuva Weapons. I have the feeling it’s all about new and rushed updates, no matter what. It looks like older Content never really gets fixed and updated. Liches are still not enjoyable. Conclave is still completely broken. Still no third Orb in Fortuna. Still no proper rework for Nyx, even after that fancy looking Deluxe Skin was released. You nerfed Itzal’s Blink in a way nobody asked for. I would really wish that you would start listening more to your players feedback again.

Nevertheless, good luck with your future updates DE.  

P.S. Where is [Split Flights]?

Itzal change is a nerf only for the plains, otherwise it's a HUGE up & I'm really glad to get the new abilities otherwise railjack mission would be a pain.

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Removed Credit Caches from the Railjack reward table! Relics have been added in Railjack missions to compensate for this.

14 minutes ago, Arancino said:

Putting this amount of credits in a skirmish reward is more than an insult rather than a reward,

Reading is real hard apparently. Maybe don't spam-post your same stuff every hotfix ❤️

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Has anyone else had a keybind issue since Empyrean launched?

Changing railjack bindings wiped ALL of my keys, literally everything got set to unbound. 

While I did reset back to default and made the changes needed, there are still some issues.

Space does not fly up in archwing (works fine in railjack and ofc it jumps), yet there is no options menu to change only archwing and I'm not sure what else to do...

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Thanks for all the lovely fixes!!!

The new Empyrean game content is a blast btw! I'm having a ton of fun with my raljack so far, BUT.....

Can you guys please make it easier to acquire "Zetki Bulkhead" avionics?... Please. O_O'

It would also be lovely if there was an alternate "Cloak" that was a permanent "toggle" but without combat capabilities. 

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20 minutes ago, Andrew7811 said:

Why do you still let kuva liches steal your sortie rewards? 😠


while this is annoying. something in the back of my mind views this as exploitable, just think. grind out enough sorties that you'll inevitably have like 8+ rivens stolen, then while at the riven slot cap. terminate mr. lich and get far beyond your typical allotted riven cap


might die of old age by the time you'd manage that though xD

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19 minutes ago, Arancino said:

Thanks for the Ivara Prime Access!

More changes and suggestions I'd like to say for Railjack...

I would start with: A Railjack mission lasts from 20 to 40 minutes in an average coordinated squad and every player must assume a role to do them efficiently, which is fine
Then there's Hieracon. Lasts 5 minutes. Why am I quoting hieracon in a Railjack feedback? Because Hieracon awards more credits than a skermish reward. Putting this amount of credits in a skirmish reward is more than an insult rather than a reward, I rather like not seeing those credits rewards instead of getting them, specially after the efforts to complete a high level mission, which obviously requires more coordination. A good change would be at least changing skirmish rewards with 100k credits or more uncommon/rare resources.

The refine button. Please, do not allow the players to click that button if the Railjack isn't full health or the objectives are completed. Yes, I might lose resources by not refining if my forge capacity is full, but how many missions did player lose due to someone which accidentally (or not accidentally, who knows...) clicked that button to store resources? Catastrophic event happens, no resources to craft revolite and say goodbye to your Umbra Forma blueprint! Make this button unclickable if the objectives aren't completed or just change how the resources are awarded after the mission is completed, I don't want to make a copypasta of "Please don't refine if the mission is not over" each time I host a mission and I'm sure I'm not the only one having this issue.

"Removed Credit Caches from the Railjack reward table! Relics have been added in Railjack missions to compensate for this."

For the refinement... I'm surprised you have that issue.

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