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Empyrean missions fail to update profile stats, until completed regular Free roam mission.


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The first 10 seconds in video is before several Empyrean missions. After that, I cut out several hours of videos.

After hosting lots of Empyrean missions, my stats shows a whole lot of nothing different.
No mission completion.
No changes to time played.
No changes to combat stats.

In solo or friends only mode, start Plains of Eidolon and return to Cetus.
Mission time: 2h 47m 17s
Time played 143d 5h 25m 43s to 143d 8h 12m 1s
Grineer Kills 630830 to 631156
Mission completed 21721 to 21722 - Where is my Empyrean mission completion?

All appearing to be within a tiny short time in Plains of Eidolon.


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