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Adjustable Armor and syandana; more armor and syandana options.


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i believe this concept is long overdue.


armor and syandana cosmetics are among some of the many options a player has to make their warframes look unique and different from others. however, some armor and syandana's can either be too small, too big, or not very noticeable at all to some players.

this concept suggests to make armor and syandana sizes and position adjustable, inspired by the already adjustable weapon holster positions.

players would be able to adjust the size and position of each individual armor piece and syandana to make them pop out or blend in. maybe it would even help players solve some clipping issues that would normally bug them. maybe it would help them create the heavily armored warframe of their dreams.

whatever a player's style, adjustable armors would give these players more cosmetic options for fashionframe.

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