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Content integration idea


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I'll try to keep this short. In my opinion, Warframe's biggest problem is fusing all the content in the game such that it is ONE game. Right now, there are all these pieces of content that players play separately to get specific rewards. You go to the index for credits, you hunt Eidolons for Arcanes, you play excavation so you can complain on reddit about 3000 credit caches, etc, etc. Point is, players grind specific content until they have specific rewards and then get bored with this gameplay, independent of how good the gameplay is. There is no other way to get those rewards so you can't get around this. 
I know that railjack will integrate liches and Squad Link but I don't think that it will be sufficient, especially if squad link is not much more elaborate than what we have seen until now.
Let me propose a "simple" possible solution. Rework the invasions and maybe even integrate this with Nightwave. I think both Nightwave and invasions could be great because they have the potential to give the player a story and can convey the world dynamics of this fictional universe, all while having the player play many different gameplay loops. 
A possible implementation to make the invasions similar to sorties in that you have to play a set of missions where, at the end, you get a relatively big reward. This reward would be something that you could get in another gameplay mode, like a 200k credit cache, a built Forma, or an orokin catalyst bp. 

For example, a Grineer invasion in Corpus territory could look something like this: At the start you choose a side. I like money more than drugs, so I'll go with Corpus. Grineer invades corpus so you do a defense mission. At the end of this mission you get a standard  invasion reward, a Fieldron for example. Next you do an spy mission, which tells you the location of a grineer target. With your Railjack, you go to the gallion where he's hiding and kill or capture him. The grineer launch a final attack in the Orb Vallis, so you do some missions alongside the Corpus there finally beating the enemy. 
This is just an example, it should be a little more elaborate, especially if it somehow coincides with the stories that Nightwave is attempting to tell. My point is, while playing through this little story, you play a lot of different gameplay loops, yielding the rewards that go with those missions, while also getting a worthwhile end reward. 
So summarized: Sortie-like Invasions combining many gameplay loops in one overall randomly generated small story, giving a more natural alternative to constanly grinding the same specific content.

Ok, I failed at keeping this short, but I hope my point is clear. Let me know if you have a totally different idea of how content integration should look like.

ps. Posted this on reddit first but people there only want to look at pictures, so maybe it'll gain some traction here

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That might be the idea, but adding liches in railjack missions and having another squad do a sidequest in PoE or somewhere else doesn't exactly bridge the whole game imo, and thats all that we seem to be getting as far as what's been shown.

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