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My Weapon Lost After I Sell Dual Heat Sword


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My weapon lost after i sell Dual Heat sword. 


I don't know why, because i just sell only 1 weapon. 


I'm surely that i lost Dread, Despair, Acrid, Draka prime and more(i not sure). 


However, can you re-my ID into the Date October 1(23.00 ICT), or Octerber 2nd (around 6.00AM ICT) 


It happen about 15.00 oclock ICT (2nd october 2013)


Any many weapon that I lost had been forma many time. Please help me.


If you re-my account into Octerber 2nd (around 6.00AM ICT) will be the best


I also set the topic in the Forum too. 





Update: Also Fang Prime and Glaive


Thx for your co-operate

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