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A Suggested Thought - The New War = EPIC


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Hello DE,
...hello passing Forum community members!

With the Railjack finally dropping, and having some time to play around in the mode, and also listening back on some old DevStreams, I had some thoughts I wanted to get out of my noggin' and onto the cyberpaper of the interwebs, so hopefully it can stop distracting me from sleep...sleep is good.

I feel that at this point, with the Veil Proxima and Jovian boss 2.0 out in the public servers, we can consider The New War well and truely in its openning days. While this brings me excitement, I feel by the time the war hits its peak, it needs to be stepped up a level...like the TennoCon gameplay demo, but bigger...Serenity scene-bigger! Here's what im imagining.

When the peak of the war comes, Im assuming the Kuva Lich Railjack stuff will be out, with calling in ground squads for help.
...so what I would want to see is the implimentation of an open, dedicated "Battlegrounds" section. So, you head to the Battlegrounds node around a planet/moon, and you can choose where you start; like say, Planet-side or Orbit. Entering into the Planetside puts you into an open-world like environment, but its all battle, like a regularly mission, not like the open-worlds of the Plains or Orb. You deploy onto a battleground where the planet Faction forces are engaged in scifi-war kind of combat with the Sentients (Grineer Troopers charging across scorched Terran landscapes, Corpus Proxies deploying from chutes on Mining Platforms); and then upto 100 Tenno in an Open-Combat area engaged against the Sentients.
In Orbit, a similar deal... Faction ships about, heavy fighting, and potentially DOZENS of Railjacks with Tenno in Archwings along side them.

There's the potential for missions too...
Getting contacted by -what remains- of the Corpus Board, and being asked to link up with their Task Force to take out the Sentient threat on Jupiter once and for all. A Corpus Dreadnaught could be waiting for an open-shot, and our task could be to clear the multiple Roger Ramjetlyst (Ropalolyst) so that the Dreadnaught can hit the big-daddy.
Or clearing the way for a Balor Formorian to hit a Daddy-Sentient, so we need to take out the Wormships escorting it.

My wish for this height of the New War would be to see a Railjack crew openning all guns on a Sentient Wormship, taking heavy damage, and before the Wormship can finish the Railjack off, another Railjack boosts up from behind the first, Artillery Cannon primed, and annihilates the Wormship. The second Railjack then defends the First while it repairs, while Archwinged Warframes fly about picking off Sentient Oculysts and Voms. That then gets interupted by a Grineer Galleon flying overhead into the battle...
The Grineer Galleon or Corpus Frigate could be part of a Random Event too, where if its health stays above 50% for the duration, the ship engages its heavy guns against a key target and destroys it...but if it drops below 50%, the ship makes a suicide ramming against the Sentient -with only a chance to cripple it-. The Battlegrounds could have a % marker too them too, so everytime an Allied ship is lost, the Battlegrounds % drops by 1% (for example). This means that there's either more allies on the Battleground, or more Sentients.

I want this to feel like The Clone Wars series from Star Wars... where we can run into other Tenno on the battlefield, call in Corrupted Troops as Shock Troopers from Orokin Towers, and fight alongside Grineer, Corpus, and the Syndicates in massive battles on land and in space; where victories and losses can either make the area easier or harder the next time.

...I realise that these wishes are grandious and probably unobtainable; but it feels like the ground work is being laid in the game, and the right inspiration or idea could see it happen in the future.

Well, thanks for reading! :)
((and apologies for any spelling mistakes or bad grammar))

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don't get me wrong, massive battles with hundreds of Grineer, Corpus, and Tenno against a massive Sentient threat would be awesome.. but it would also fry most people's PCs and would make my console sound like a 747 is taking off in my bedroom... so it probably won't happen like that.

but I'm sure that DE will have big plans. it's just a question of whether or not they can pull it off, and judging by how most people feel about Liches and Railjack... I'm not gonna place any bets just yet.

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