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27.0.5 railjack - crewship health regeneration buff


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The health regeneration buff the crewship apply on all ships in its range isn't removed after the crewship is destroyed, for the small fighters that isn't a problem if you use the hard hitting ice gun, you could hit them with more dmg than they could regenerate (normal they take 1-2 hits, then you need 4 and the particle ram), but the minelayer or frostshield ones have much more hp and/or armor so the fast healt regeneration make this one so hard to kill, most of the time the only way is to go into archwing and finish them of cause the healt reg has a small delay that won't trigger if you hit them with something link the phaedra

and i guess u don't want us to exploit railjack content with archwing that much

so may increase the delay before the regeneration kicks in, or lower the regeneration or add a timer to the buff/shorten the timer if sth like that already exists

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