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Vehicles ignore defences in Vallis


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I realize that the Orb Vallis is probably not the topic of the hour these days, but this has bothered me for a while. Are armaments on the dropships and coildrives in the Vallis meant to bypass damage reductions on frames? I'll often get hit by a stray shot from the turrets of these vehicles and find myself being one shot while Mesa's Shatter Shield is active, such that I'm wondering if the damage is unaffected by abilities by design. This is not nearly as much of an issue for frames with high health or shields who do not rely on abilities to survive, and I do make an effort to destroy dropship turrets as priority, but it feels awful to weather damage from waves and waves of Corpus, only to die because a dropship flew in while I wasn't paying attention.

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I think it is because the gunfire from those two vehicles are explosive AoE. Shatter-shield does not protect against that, unfortunately. You might notice the Opticor snipers will also basically punch through shatter shield. I agree the damage of those two sources are too high for comfort.

It is why I switched to either a Chroma or a Maximixed Power Range Zephyr to either tank or deflect such shots.

Will agree it still feels awful.

I feel like something that does that much damage should not be AoE, and if it does, it should not land that quickly. Have tells and be avoidable (like Profit Taker mortar shots). Instead they are pinpoint accurate, tracking, high damage and explosive so unless we're in a tanky warframe (which means player choice is now restricted) it feels like "The Game Decided You Die Now" instead of "I Messed Up"

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