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Me again- Zephyr Time


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As some of you may have noticed I am trying to tackle warframes who I, and others, feel need reworks the most. I have already covered Hydroid and my ideas live on spiritually in another creator. I am also working on Titania as she is the most in need, at least in my opinion. This post is a quick rework concept for another frame who has fallen into a desolate state, lacking in effective mechanics and abilities and having a theme that she just doesn't go that extra 1 up to fit. These are some quickly thought up ideas I want to throw out and let you guys discuss. After getting your feedback I will return and make this post more in depth and update the concepts to fit what the community likes best


Passive-2 parts- not unusual for many new frames

1st- current gravity and friction reduction while airborne+ aimglide lasts longer w bonus control

2nd- After casting an ability Zephyr coats herself in a shield of turbulent air, knocking away a % of projectiles- this % scales up based on the number of recent ability casts


ability 1- Wind scythe- Tail wind moved to 2- airburst replaced by this in effect-  wind scythe propels a wave of slashing winds forward in a cone and can be cast within a combo window up to three times- when reaching the third strike it has a narrowed cone, deals impact, and instead knocks enemies up and holds them suspended in air for a duration 

better damage- 3 casts means passive shield buildup and knock up enemies for 3 

ability 2- tail wind- 2 modes- tap cast and hold to toggle

on toggle Zephyr gains flight, gravity's effect is near completely negated and she can freely move in the air, increasing in speed the longer she moves in a straight direction-

on cast- Zephyr dashes in the target direction in a similar way to current dash- If cast from the air while targeting an enemy Zephyr will dash towards them and unleash a kick before rebounding into the air, this ability deals additional damage to enemies who are airborne- staggers enemies near the target

Easier flight control- more birdlike with the swoop ability on tap

ability 3- turbulence- turbulence now deals an instance of damage to all enemies who are currently airborne and applies an additional airborne duration to them

Synergizes with tornado and 1(and allies)- makes her theme of total control in the air more belieable

4- tornadoes- it works- with some qol it works- There is more potential but right now her current 4 is okay- I always thought it would be badass though if she created a massive tornado around the cast location to pickup enemies who enter and redirect projectiles from outside

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I like where it's going. The combos with the 1 sounds good.

When you say knock up, do you mean lifted, or just floating?
...and should floating count as lifted?

I imagine Zephyr being able to Flap above a crowd, staggering locking them.
Like Aggro CC. ..but I'm biased, as those are the kits I really get into.
What if she could pick enemies up and drop them?
Could assign a fall damage...

Also thought, it would be nice to be able to bounce her tornadoes around a bit.
Like, tap them on the side to give them, "english," or cause them to curve a certain way on their path.

It's hard to find good Zephyr mains.
Knew of a guy a few years ago..  Haven't seen them on in a while.
I wonder what wisdom they'd have about the spirit of her Kit.

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13 hours ago, kapn655321 said:

When you say knock up, do you mean lifted, or just floating?
...and should floating count as lifted?

Enemies knocked up by zephyr's abilities float suspended rather then promptly falling down. Idk about lifted, since her main damage towards airborne enemies will come from 2 and 3 there isn't as much eed for the lifted effect as there is on say titania spellbind. However lifted could work for it since her toggle 2 would let her hit knocked up enemies with normal melee

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