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Please add a death recap


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More times than I can count, I've been at full health, fully buffed with all defensive options on whatever frame I happen to be playing, in whatever mission I happen to be playing, and I will suddenly, without warning, drop dead from 100-0 instantly, and have absolutely no reason why. I will look at my surroundings, the enemies currently alive and fighting me, and be completely puzzled and baffled at what could have possibly done this.

I have been grinding vox solaris for the last 6 hours, and after finally getting past the completely bullS#&$ grindwall that is atmo systems(this needs to be fixed, but that's not what this topic is about), I went out with Nekros prime to the temple of profit to pick up the Sola Toroids I need for my next rank up.

10 minutes in to my grind, with several toroids dropped(yes!) my Nekros Prime, who has 3 stacks of health conversion and the full damage reduction from shield of shadows, and over 700 health, suddenly, inexplicably, exploded. I scratched my head, peering around as I usually do when this sort of thing happens, and fail to identify the source. This is fortuna. There are no bombards here. I'm inside, there are no orbs or raknoids, no artillery, nothing. This happened several more times in rapid succession and before I knew it, my mission was failed and I lost all my progress.

I'm not angry that I died. I'm not angry that I failed and lost everything. I'm angry because I don't know WHY. I never know WHY. Give me some information so I can adjust the way I'm playing and prevent dying to the unknown in the future, please.

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