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Railjack Archwing Weapon Imbalance


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Archwing weapons seem to either be just barely usable in Railjack, such as the Imperator Vandal, or completely worthless like the Velocitus. With both fully modded, the Velocitus does about as much damage as a single Imperator bullet after charging and getting a critical hit.

Archmelee is extremely weak in general, but some weapons don't even have the melee lock-on mechanic (like the Kaszas). Archmelee is completely unusable in almost all Railjack content.

I'd love to see you guys make a pass over Archwing weapon balance in Railjack. I don't want them to overpower ship guns to the point that they aren't worth using anymore, but a fully modded Velocitus should really be able to oneshot a level 10 fighter.

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