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Railjack Loot Radar


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Ngl im still pretty fresh to railjack, just 12h in.

So im just gonna cut to the chase. Please add some sort of loot radar for the pilot... Buffed vaccum don't really benefit if you can barely see where the tiny loot is located...

I suggest some kind of avionic. Make it so it pulse every 5s and marks stays for 10s. Min range at 2500m, maxed at 5000m.

By pulsing and limit the time is stays, it should reduce the screen clutter.

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There's no "outside the ship" map (even though there really should be) so loot radar would be pointless. Rather, one of two things needs to happen. Either loot needs to be waypointed like players and enemy aircraft, or loot dropped needs to go directly into the ship. NOTHING WHATSOEVER is gained from squinting at the screen trying to determine if that dot is loot or a star in the background. Seriously, Warframe's loot pickup system has always been Byzantine, but in Railjack it's downright insufferable.

Again, drop the pretence and just drop reward loot straight into our inventories with no need to pick it up. Everywhere in the game. It saves us a bit of pointless busywork.

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