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PS4 Empyrean: Update 27.0.5 (+Hotfixes)

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2 hours ago, (PS4)After_The_Burial said:

Yeah I can agree with that. Never in my experience as a long time gamer spanning multiple developers have I ever seen issues of this scale go on for this long with no fixes or even attempts. DE has made a mockery of the PS4 fan base. We are the guinea pigs that get milked for money and plat to turn the wheel. Why would DE want to fix what is making them more money? It's pathetic and I hope they learn their lesson (they won't).

Seem to have really burned bridges this time, upset alot of people and worst of all its ended up so divisive it's causing splits amongst the remaining players.

Lots of arguments friendly and otherwise have been happening in our clan and alliance chat and multiple people have ended up kicked out as tempers run high. 

Whilst I can't put being argumentative at DEs door there has certainly been a huge negative reaction to this that has contributed 

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