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Empyrean: Ivara Prime

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26 minutes ago, Razvan21 said:

If this is something like a nerf to the archguns and not a bug, it's the worst thing I've seen, making the Imperator useless. 😕

yep, but it looks more like bug, I hope for it but still, bug or not...just this thing is ailt into coffin to imperator as long its "projectiles" are not so fast against enemies on railjack mission

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This is getting out of hand.

First, while doing High Risk index in public, with timer counting down, we get suddenly loaded into another round of Index match. Except, the UI doesn't load up, my warframe is getting hammered and all I see is the cashing point at the very start of any index match. Can't do jack S#&$. Can't even open up text chat because there is NO UI.

Second, while doing second sortie mission, Interception, while waiting for round 2 to begin, our host got kicked out, forcing a host migration, MID-MATCH, leaving the 3 of us to finish off.

Third, joined a public group for the final sortie of the day. While loading into the mission, I see 4 landers. One suddenly disappeared, followed almost in sequence the other player's landers. Then I get kicked out because "Session Unavailable"

From joining a COMPLETELY different mission node to persisting poor, unstable, unreliable game connection, this update is the worst.

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Hmm my Phaedra archgun has gone from 3 digit damage to 2 digit damage, can I please have my normal damage stats back. 🙂 

As always thanks for the fast hotfixes trying to get things right for over christmas keep up the good job.

Edit: Archgun is back to normal, struck out the line.

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replaced gun with gone
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I love it, but please tell Cephalon Cy that no matter how compromised our hull may be, we will never implode because the pressure inside our hull is greater than the pressure outside. And only by like, 14 pounds per square inch, so unless someone makes a really big hole, we'll gradually lose air and will have to live with an annoying whistling sound until the hole is patched, but that's about it.


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DE thank you again for the hard work.  It is greatly appreciated.  Here are a few more notes from recent missions.

Is there any way to have a refine material locked out till mission end?  I have been watching players sit there like it is an ATM at a coffee shop. This increases risk of mission failure.

When somebody joins a mission and refines then leaves do they keep their material gained?  If so that is an exploit. The above fix will take care of that.

At the end of mission I see everybody hit refine which "splits materials" between players. The host is then left with the entire bill to refill ship systems. This removes incentive to host missions and possibly part of why you get people complaining about not being able to join a mission?  Locking out refine for host only would fix that.  🙂

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If we could get an option to have first person turret view, even just while aiming, would be great for avoiding stuff like this:


I can still shoot at squares, but it'd be nice to see wtf i'm shooting at. 🙂 Thanks!



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Not sure if its been mentioned, but the reload bug with archguns is happening with battery-magazine.guns like the fulmin and cycron as well.  My crycron takes a full 40 seconds to reload, 1 'bullet' per second.  The fulmin does the 1 bullet thing as well up to either 10 or 20, THEN it reloads the rest of the way at normal speed.

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It's been 6 hotfixes then, what still remain:

  • Bug: Still cannot recall Railjack when dry dock is empty.
  • Bug: Dry Dock room polychrome keep revert itself to default color when i get out of Dojo and come back.
  • Bug: Missing equipped Avionics, need to turn off menu and open again.
  • Bug: Payload Forge (both in-mission and Dry Dock) does not yield increased amount regardless Engineer Level 7.
  • Enemies ship still one shot Archwing down
  • Enemies is still being bullet sponge
  • Bug: Dialog about cannot find a squad regardless successful matchmaking.
  • Host migration makes player to use 1000 health 1000 shield and default color ship, while equipped Avionics still remain
  • Reliquary room must have a shortcut to go down to Cargo bay
  • Battle Avionics must show the damage and combined synergy with Intergrated Av.
  • Bug: Polar Coil Av (increase heat capacity) does not work
  • Also the way Apoc ,mkII, mkIII ramp up heat is way too fast. Not a enjoyable experience.
  • Bug: UI still showing wrong maximum Ordance, Dome Charge.
  • UI: Minimap should be centered static regardless standing at the front or back of the ship, i currently have difficulty while clicking teleport to pilot from cargo bay
  • Suggest to add an option to Form A Crew even in Orbiter or Dojo
  • Bug: still cannot exit host Railjack in Dry Dock, need fast travel instead
  • We are still arguing about who Refined material and the excuse is "maxed forge cap". Please remove that button and uncap already.
  • Bug: cannot see the forge cooldown timer as host.
  • Please rework the Forge UI/UX, like when player approach, the crafting will appear in AR mode, player just need to hover the crosshair which they want to craft, then hold the button to perform rope slinging animation.
  • Bugs: black wall still appear when enter gunner seat (minor chance).
  • Suggest to be able to loot instantly as soon as we shoot container in RJ missions. Reaching to loot distracted the pilot away from helping Archwing being banged by fighters swarm without knowing that ram-sled is close.
  • Not only reduce the amount, reduce the rate. I got rammed by 5 squad at one and had to deal all of those spongy by melee.
  • Player should be allowed to configure Railjack/Arsenal in Free Flight mission, also enable the region chat.

Will edit this post if more problems comes in

In conclusion, this is another haste launch of the untested build that punish anyone who play it early. Not only that it brings up another thing: Railjack mean a lot about space, that also mean we need Archwing, then exposed the fact that is Archwings are still not reworked. I tested Elytron deals the fixed amount of damage, not scalable along enemies level, Archmelee is second to nothing, not many mods to aid. They just keeps getting more crippling.

On the bright side: thank you for Titanium drop increase, one day i will find Wreckage loot is more fun if we keep having more loot drop amount. Keep up your hardwork.

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Fix the Broken Tracer Fire!  it is NOWHERE EVEN CLOSE to the target point even when Stationary, it is a distracting pointless resource hog that dosent  even work right. I know DE Steve likes his pretty lights and shadows but this one has gotten me blown off the board every time I archwing in Rail Jack and the more intense World missions

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Il y a 4 heures, [DE]Megan a dit :

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Asteroids now drop multiple Resources! Alongside other Resources, this significantly increase Titanium gains; a prominent feedback request!

Sure, more incentive to farm asteroids instead of playing the damn mission is exactly what we needed...

Amount of materials to repair or craft is beyond real, some of them aren't even dropping from mission objectives (enemy ships for instance since all of your missions are basically kill X ships if you didn't know it yet). Why aren't you changing that instead of adding even more dull grind ? Being a prominent feedback request is no excuse, first this forum is only a vocal minority, second i've met enough of this kind of players to say that they're basically desperate in regard to what they should be doing to get enough of this huge amount of material - Spending 15min after a lengthy mission to loot what we missed is stupid, spending 15min after a lengthy mission to get more titanium is stupid, spending time in the middle of a fight to go destroy asteroids instead of helping with the mission is stupid.

There's something reallly wrong in how you're designing stuff, really. I'm pretty sure now that no one at DE did have a clue about how and how much we have to farm anything in this entire content, what are you testing on private servers, light reflection and texture mapping only ? 😓

What about sitting in a turret for the whole mission duration, playing another game at the same time and waiting for others to do the boring stuff then ? Cause that's already happening. This content needs more consistency, more fun and more rewards, not more grind.

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4 hours ago, mr_manu said:

Again.... even after 27.0.6 update, the numbers are still off. Like I said in 27.0.5

You need to fix your percentages for railjack INTEGRATED avionics, example

My flux capacity is 479, when I add mod Hyperflux it says increase energy by 28% which should be 479+134 resulting in 613. The real result is 577 which is 20.5%.
Next example is shield, which is 1384, adding maxima with 35% should be 1384+484 resulting in 1868. The real result is 1734 which is 25.3%

So no, doesn't really work 🙂

It is boosting the base value by the listed percentage. This is a similar situation to Warframe health mods and such, which don't take the leveling increase into account.

I think the boosts from the parts should be incorporated into the base value, but it is consistent right now.

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4 hours ago, Senguash said:

Thanks for the hotfix!

Still hoping for critical chance on slide attack to receive a similar treatment to crit chance so it makes sense comparatively.

Sacrificial Steel = 220%
CC on rivens = 180%
Maiming Strike = 150%
Slide CC on rivens = 90%

The first 2 applies on all attacks and gets 2x on heavy attacks.

The latter 2 forces you to slide exclusively.

This makes no sense.

Just because railjack released does not mean it's suddenly not an issue.

how about no, crit chance on slide attack is OP as S#&$ and i rather not see spin to win around for at least a year for once

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