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Controller QoL suggestions for charged abilities and x/y axis


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Hello, I have been playing this game from about a month, and I'm enjoying it a lot.
I play mainly with an XB1 controller on PC, since I'm more familiar with it and find kb+m hard to use, or enjoy.

What I'd like to suggest is to be able to keep charging abilities while holding only RB instead of both RB+A/B/X/Y while using the Ability menu cast.

I play mainly with Ember and aiming her charged Fireball is hard when you have to hold RB+A, which blocks the thumb you need to aim with. Being able to press and hold RB, then tap A while still holding RB to start charging her skill would make her and any other similar abilities (like Hydroid's) more fluid to use.

Currently I'm aware of Ember's Fireball and Hydroid's Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm to greatly benefit from this change, but I'm sure there are other abilities that would benefit from it that I don't know. Also I'm not sure if the console version works the same, but I'm sure this would also help a lot of console players that play with a controller there too.


Another QoL I'd like to suggest is to make two separate options for "Invert X/Y axis" that independently change the axis for controller and mouse.

Currently, the inversion apply to both controller and mouse, and while I want it for the controller, I don't also want the mouse to be inverted.

For example I like the mouse for archwing missions, but as of now I have to switch the Y axis every time I want to change from controller to mouse on the fly. I know this is a very minor change that probably don't affect a lot of players, but it wouldn't hurt to have it.



Regardless, I'm enjoy this game a lot and these are just inconveniences, overall my game experience has been great so far!

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