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Funky Alert On Phobos


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It happened during the Flimnap Defense alert this morning, around 10AM EST. The rewards were 6800cr and Morphics.


I joined a random group and we started the mission. Things started fine, seemingly no bad lag. I grabbed the data mass, and we took off. Then I started to notice, that the map was doing that "lost nav point" trick. No prob, I got good at finding my way when that error was common. Then I start to notice, that some of the map rooms are not displaying correctly on the map. The outlines are gone, and its white blocky shapes kindov filling the space that the room takes up on the mini-map. Okay. Still manage to find the console, but something feels like its missing...


I put the mass in the console, and Lotus says "Good job, now get to extraction" Where is my defense mission? Then I realize whats been missing. There hasn't been a single enemy on this entire map. Not even Sand Skate. As per the usual way things go with the "map nav" glitch, achieving the goal fixes the nav and we found our way to the extraction point. But there was still no sign of any enemies at all, and the messed up mini-map tiles were still bad.


Normally I'd think I got i the wrong match, and it happened to be bugged. But the Alert was fulfilled, and I did get a Morphic at the end. Just oddly unsatisfying.


Anyone else have this happen?

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Just did the Plasma Sword Alert on Hall (Phobos), almost the same thing happened. The alert states it's a Defense mission, I get in and its a Reactor Sabotage mission. And there was still not a single enemy to be seen. At least this time the Nav system worked. Seems like Phobos Alerts in general might be bugged.


By the way, I was not host for either of these instances.

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