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A Decision on Activating Boosters


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Everyday when it reaches 7pm in my city, Warframe's daily loot reward drops in. I'm always ecstatic when it turns out to be a booster because that means I get to either work on Mastery Rank, farm a large load of Endo or Credits, or enjoy a larger surplus of resources. It saddens me, however, when the reality is that I can't use all of those hours supplied in the booster.

For example, I got a 13hr Affinity Booster a couple days ago. My bed time is at 12am. Assuming that I obtained the reward at exactly 7 o'clock and I continue to play until bed-time, the math is such: 12 - 7 is 5 hours between then and bed-time, and 13 - 5 = 8 hours wasted. That means that every booster that I receive, 8 hours of it potentially goes to waste. I can't decide to activate this booster in the morning where I can maximize as much of the 13 hours a possible by dedicating at least 8 hours available to play Warframe on a single day because these boosters are activated immediately the moment we receive them.

Could we obtain boosters as an item that can be activated upon our decision?

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Agreed. I'm still of the opinion that daily Boosters should be given to us as items we can trigger rather than activated immediately. Maybe send us an e-mail with a "claim" button, or a Gift in the market. If need be, these can be timed - say anywhere within the next 24 hours. I don't see why they would need to be, though. If someone wants to stockpile 12-hour resource boosters and trip them all at the same time for, like, 6 days' worth of boosted resources then why not let them? They're not that common. But again - if that IS a concern, these items can be temporary. Trigger in time or lose forever.

It's actually a lot worse for me personally. Daily rollover happens at 2 AM in the winter, 3 AM in the summer. I got to bed late, but even with a 5 AM bedtime that still only gives me a few hours and not a lot the next day.

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