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How to change railjack aim sensitivity on console ?



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You can't. Those of us who use controller on PC have been making some noise about it since the patch dropped for us, too.

Even if you drop controller sensitivity to the minimum, nothing changes. Pilot gunning is, unfortunately, a janky mess on controllers. The aiming reticle snaps instead of moving smoothly, particularly near the center. This creates aiming deadzones and makes staying on a target very difficult. It's a bit better on the side guns, they at least move smoothly.

I just won't pilot in group play, allowing those on M+K to handle it. But everybody avoiding piloting isn't an option for those of you on consoles 😞

Oh, also, I don't know that you guys are going to be able to open the Tactical Menu, which is very important in Railjack.  Those of us on PC have had to resort to dropping our hands off the controller to hit L on our keyboards, which is awkward but at least works, but that's just not going to be a thing for console players.

I'd hoped these issues might be fixed before this was shipped out to consoles 😞  But now that it's more than just a few players affected, maybe it'll be a higher priority.

Edit:  Oh hey some of this may be out of date for consoles?  I see now they did a late night fix related to aiming for consoles.  I wonder if that's hit PC yet, I scoured our notes today for anything like that but there wasn't anything.  Anyway, hopefully that makes things better for you guys!

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