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Railjack - looted Zetki Mk 2 Reactor Core stats wrong perhaps?



Hello fellow Dreamers,

i am a bit confused and i wonder if maybe i am missing something here.

Recently i found 2 Zetki Regenerator Cores Mk II and so far all the house stuff, especially Zetki was at least in some way significantly better but at a payoff (like the weapons offering increased damage but producing more heat at the same time).

But this Regenerators seem just way worse. for comparison:

The stock Sigma Generator Mk II i can produce in the dry dock offers +30 Avionics and + 50 Flux Energy Caps

The two Zetki Mk II models i found and that need to be repaired also for a hefty price offer the following:

1) +6 Avionics and +30 Flux capacity

2) +7 Avionics and +30 Flux capacity

While the description hints at Zetki Generators sacrificing avionics to focus on flux energy cap it seems weird to get less then a quarter of the avionics, (even signifficantly less than a Mk I) and as "compensation" i also only get roughly half of the flux cap?

Is there some additional propperties to this that are just not visible or is this zetki Mk II stuff just useless?

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Ship Parts have random Stats. Weapons have a random Bonus.

items follow suit with what the Houses they are affiliated with say they do. a Zetki Reactor has lower Mod Points but higher Energy on average. but it's still random.

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