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Custom keymap doesnt work


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Before Empyrian released on Ps4, i had my keymaping on controller working (my right Dpad button was ability menu, r1 as melee button, etc)
Now, they keymapping is ALWAYS set the default one, even when i change it as i had.
i tried restoring to default and set as i had, but doesnt work. When im in mission, i check my keymap setting and it show like i config it, but isnt true, still being the keymap by default
Here a little video showing how isnt working

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Adding video of bug sample
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I also use custom keymapping and after frequently use remote play on PC. I too have just experienced this issue. Seems like there is definitely a correlation here. Ending remote play doesn't resolve the issue either.

Edit: I think I figured it out. It seems to have reverted to using the vita remote play controls preset despite using the pc remote play app and a DS4. changing the controls on the remote play control settings seems to work for now, but it is only a stopgap as the options available are not nearly as robust as the default settings available.

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I've got the same issue. I travel a lot for work and sometimes I like to relax a little bit at the hotel and use my laptop for Remote Play. Turns out, Warframe forces PS Vita controls, which makes the DualShock controller useless. Even remapping the controls, can't use the abilities menu.


This also affects when I'm streaming from my Mac, as I have to use OBS and Remote Play. So I haven't been able to stream for 2 months or play using Remote Play. What's happening now is that I haven't played Warframe in a while because it's the only game that does this, all others are fine and I have to admit I'm having a lot of fun with Destiny 2.


DE please fix this, allow us to choose which set of controls we want to use: PS Vita controller or DualShock controller.

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