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Railjack turret visual bug, and possible cause for it


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This bug has happened to me couple times now, and im sure for many others too. So you get into turret, turret will go to firing position but then comes back and the whole ship is invisible.

This time i paid more attention to it and i realised that before this happened, there was a player on the turret before i went on it and he left the game while in the turret (probably just afk on the turret and was kicked for afk, i dont know) and after he left the game, the turret stayed bugged and possibly has something to do with him leaving the game while in the turret.

So i took couple clips since i gladly have the NVIDIA shadowplay. From the video you can see that before i goto the turret where the player left the game, its bugged like someone would still be sitting on it, and it pretty mutch spits me out after i get to firing position. And i was able to fix it by magicly finding the spot where you enter the turret and i re- entered it.


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