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Shedu functionality breaking


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The Shedu(Sentient arm gun) functions normally at first, but randomly it refuses to continue firing. Most specifically when being knocked over or pulled by a scorpion / ancient. This also includes knockdown animations too which makes the weapon unusable afterwards until the mission is completed. Excalibur umbra is unaffected and the Specter can use it without issue 

Edit: It also seems to be affected by status procs on the Warframe at random times while reloading maybe? Its hard to tell because it's completely random.

Mod compatibility: Unsure if this was intentional or not but the weapon doesn't allow the use of Firestorm; the unique mod that increases explosion range for launchers.



Was hoping since the weapon is of sentient design it was going to have a bit of Tau damage and not purely status.

The bloom of the explosions is very blinding, even with bloom on low.

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