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[PS4] Railjack Feedback/Suggestions


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So, I'll get right to it - most are just cosmetic feedback

I. We need a way to lock the pilot seat to the host. I don't mind hosting and have randoms join, but it's infuriating when randoms essentially wait for the moment I leave the pilot position to manage the hull breaches - also seen several park ther Railjack in a somewhat safe spot while handling bigger objetives, just for a random to join and pilot it right into danger.

II. After finishing a mission, we need some way to extract without heading to the dry dock. Hell, can be a part of the Tactical Menu (Tier 1) - only active a short time after mission completion.

III. I saw the name will get its own colour layer. However, could you have a "border" option (toggle, or allow us to set a colour). Even white/black would help a lot

IV. Glyphs designed with Railjack in mind. I'd love some which may be less interesting as a glyph, but stellar as decals

V. Uniform colours of our crew - maybe even allow us to add a glyph to them back/chest

Vi. Allow us to buy a Repair Drone from the Dry Dock - having to return to the Orbiter to then return to the Dry Dock is a lot of time wasted

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