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Can you Please Fix All Party Members outside of the Railjack Getting Pulled back into the Railjack While Using Flux Abilities? its really annoying when you have people taking out Crew ships/Objectives and Also Sentient Ship Doesn't Show up on Flexa in Veil Proxima went to the node Several Times last night and it never was there even though the Node was Blinking Red.

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It would be great if the falling into the void issue would be fixed, real tired of getting on crew ships and then they retreat and despawn causing anyone on the ship to fall into a black pit.

Edit: I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but shield boosting avionics don't stack with upgraded shields, don't know if it's supposed to be scaling with base shield values only, but I thought it should stack with new shield parts.


Also resource boosters don't seem to be working, has one yesterday and upon picking up an orokin cell I only received one instead of two and never felt like I was getting double resources both in and outside of railjack.

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i like to know did they fix the railjack  i done missions rewards  

I ran two missions one after the other with out going back to dry dock and on the second mission all i  get is cash and not the loot !!! is this still bugged ????


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Before we begin....
PSA to everyone that feels DE needs defending or is (a snowflake) offended by criticism:
You don't work for DE, and if you do thats not an acceptable way to treat your customers.
DE is a business and just like a restaurant that gets a bad yelp review because they f-ed up, DE needs to accept complaints and fix the problems.

It's been said a million times but I guess it's still not getting through.
Excessive Grind is not content! I don't mind when something takes 1-2 hours of grind to get, thats reasonable but MK3 gear for railjack requires 7000 - 8000 resources.
 typical 30-40min railjack game results in 200-400 of these items with a resource booster!? It's a little excessive.
Don't even start with umbral forma only in nightwave, there is not even the option to spend plat for it. I have a fulltime job and family, I cannot complete nightwave EVER - it's literally impossible for me to ever get an umbral forma.

Avionics doesn't seem to work properly, I tried the one that should put our fires and it does nothing.
Why can't we trade avionics? I haven't seen a single offensive drop so far! No missiles, no battering ram/shield/whatever thing at all 😞

Archwing is a joke in railjack missions.
First the *only* archwing we can even think of using is amesha - that's an issue.
There is only one arch gun that works at all, everything else is useless.
The enemies move so fast that they outrun projectile speed.
Avionics buffs work for 90-200? meters but the actual operational area of enemies around the railjack is easily > 1000m
Grineer crew ships do 9999999999999 damage, if amesha's #1 is not active its instant death, there is no way to mitigate or dodge it.
When a Tenno hijacks the grineer crew ship it does 10-20 dmg to the enemy.. where a few seconds ago it did insane amounts.
Slingshot speed is WAY too slow, when you have the range upgrade and target something far away you can go for a pee while your arching flies towards the target.
Exiting the railjackk or crew ships =  dead before the little "cutscene" completes. So I see my archwing leaving the ship and then before I can see what is happening I'm dead.
Archmelee weapons do <1 dmg to everything.. was this even play tested?
Without Ameshas #3 ability everything is faster than archwing with maxed hyperion thrusters, cant melee or even hit them with normal arch guns - play tested at all?
Almost every game I played last night when I used slingshot I couldn't use arch weapons at all, I still had my normal guns in archwing mode.

Matchmaking for railjack is not great
Why cant we have a "lobby"  like normal missions where we can wait for players to join?
All the time I end up solo in the mission and get attacked immediately, I hold out for a minute or 2.. no one joins - abort mission -Not fun!

And finally...
I love railjack,
I like the co-op nature of it, it IS a fun game mode but it really needs more work!
Make archwing great again! Make ALL the arch guns work properly - just buff projectile speed across the board and we already have a 100% improvement in gameplay!
When there is a "cutscene" entering or exiting a ship - give us 1 or 2 seconds of invulnerability! such an easy fix.


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On 2019-12-20 at 11:17 AM, [DE]Megan said:

We’ve added improved visuals towards the Forge Stations in Railjack to better illustrate when a Station is busy. The floor ring located at the base of each Station will now appear lit when the Station is ready for Forging, and will appear unlit when the Station is busy. This also fixes missing progress circle UI for the Forge Stations to indicate when a Station is busy.

Thanks heaps. This was bugging me quite often. The ring was completely gone for me on launch and for the last few weeks since.

On 2019-12-20 at 11:17 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Enemy Crewship UI markers will now always be displayed no matter what the range is to fix tedious scouring to find that poor last victim. We are also working on improving flow overall. 

Also great improvement. Thanks heaps.

On 2019-12-20 at 11:17 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed max ranked Battle Forge Railjack Avionic trying to subtract 3.4E+38 seconds (more than the age of the universe) from remaining Forge cooldown time.

HAHAHAHHA. That's so funny. Thanks for the fix. Also, speaking of bugs and UI, there's a bug where; when loading into the dojo from a mission, quite often all my avionics will disappear. It appears to just be a visual bug because my capacity and stats all remain the same. To fix it, I usually just reload into the dojo. Thanks heaps 🙂


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