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With a resource booster I'm getting 120 Dirac a mission if I'm lucky, I got a hell of a lot more before the hotfix change, I can't progress my Railjack upgrades with 120 or less a mission when you need at least 1800 for one upgrade.

I really need to know other than scrapping everything where is it you can go to and get lots of Dirac before the hotfix because it's really cutting into my do I want to persist with upgrading my own ship, or just join pub games and help them out and hope we don't get a host migration and lose it all... I've completed Earth and Saturn so far.

I need lots of Dirac. 😞 

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  1. When multiple people join your railjack in a public game before you've completely loaded the railjack map for the sentient event in veil, you will be stuck in infinite transition screen, probably due to the amount of people trying to join squads.
  2. Make a toggle for hold to heavy attack for melee. People have been complaining since melee 3.0. Heavy attack already has a hotkey so why is the default melee stuck with heavy attack when 95% of players dont even use heavy attack builds? Worse is that this is really because its coded around in-game FPS. Please listen to the many threads complaining about this and breaking down the problem areas of this issue for you.
  3. Fix affinity booster not affecting intrinsic gain or fix the bug where your intrinsic gain on the score screen doesn't match actual gain in the drydock!!!
  4. Make critical mods for slide attack at least usable again. The nerf to all long range weapons including Wukong's exalted weapon was a big enough nerf. Right now there is no point in using slide attack mods because they don't do enough compared to regular crit mods. This should have been addressed after Melee 3.0 and before Railjack. Rework the mods if you have to if slide attack is to forever be forgotten. Note: I don't care much for slide attack but I do care that it was nerfed to the point where its obsolete.



  1. All resources are shared, inside crew ships/bases/capital ships. Everyone gets the same thing
  2. All resources are instantly picked up and the range is global. Don't give me the same old "our devs are 50-50 split on universal pickups" story to keep deflecting the fact that Railjack needs it more than ever. Its already an effort to go around destroying all the containers for resources. Why should the blueprint be unobtainable if someone leaves the asteroid or capital ship locking everyone out?
  3. Get rid of the 200 forge capacity. Whoever came up with the idea that the engineer needs to be glued to the console to refine because resources hit capacity doesn't have a clue how to play this game.
  4. Resources should be guaranteed/confirmed after each mission completes. No need to worry about going to dry dock to "hard save" or worried that a bug will eat your rewards from another mission if you choose to continue via navigation.
  5. Improve resource visibility from a distance. They should be flashing or highlighted or anything. 
  6. Clarify what happens to resources when forge is at 200/200 in the game.


  1. Remove the doors that require 2 people to open. Why are they even there? In fact, remove them from the entire game except outside rescue missions.
  2. Intrinsic gain is bugged and often displays conflicting numbers. For example, it says you gained 40 intrinsic, but drydock only shows 23? 
  3. Enemy Crewship visuals should have a different highlight so you can distinguish them from regular fighters and heavy fighters at a distance
  4. Railjack weapons should have at least 2000m range before falloff begins and 4000m max to start.
  5. Enemy commander should have a distance finder even though its always the same place
  6. Crewship cannons and missiles shouldn't one-shot-volley even the toughest of Archwings instantly.
  7. The Asteroid Base commander base in space is often "invisible" where the only thing you see are the two large red spheres on the left and right side, with the objective indicator on the entrance to the base. A lot of people cannot find the entrance into the base once the commander is killed. Again this wouldn't be a big deal if the blueprint didnt drop here and was shared along with the resources.
  8. Add location indicators: Allies near/in objectives vs engineering vs side gunner vs archwing (with distance from RJ) vs on ship
  9. Stealing the prototype crewship can get it stuck between the base and the doors. If the person doesn't blow it up from the inside nobody can get to it after. The only way then is to fire a artillery shot at it and hope it destroys it.
  10. People should be able to mark targets in space.
  11. Archwing deployment should give you several seconds of invulnerability so you don't die while exiting.
  12. Normalize all the XP/Affinity/Intrinsic gains so that everyone gets the same gain as long as they contribute past a minimum. There are plenty of ways to deal with afkers but does it really matter?
  13. There's a bug where a repair icon persists if you just joined a crew but someone repairs it while you load.
  14. Slider for wear and tear when?
  15. Fix the doors that don't open in the bases


  1. Recall should probably be lower on the tree due to how important it is as a regular utility skill
  2. Boarding parties should be automatically marked by Cy no matter where they are on the ship (upper levels, lower levels, any distance)
  3. Allow players to cancel recall by activating it again but have a cooldown for this for 5 seconds.


  1. The dash/drift should last probably twice as long and have a longer cooldown.
  2. Should be able to mark any resource gatherable within 500m automatically. Or make this part of tactical
  3. Sprint bar is confusing, it needs to be more clear in how it works
  4. Give pilots a large long range beam to pick up stuff, but really just give universal pickups for railjack.
  5. Give pilots control of the Dome/Artillery cannon. Its a waste of effort and time for a gunner to switch or pilot to switch just so they can fire it and then switch back


  1. The aim-assist should show up in archwing mode to help you aim with your weapons. 
  2. The lockon-assist auto-aim should also work in archwing mode.
  3. The aim-assist needs to be unique and tailored to each gun module. Right now certain gun modules always miss because it doesn't match the projectile speed and trajectory. 
  4. Fix the bug where forward artillery is blocked by the railjack itself so its impossible to shoot
  5. Forward artillery should literally be 360 artillery so you dont need to rely on the pilot. Plus this does jack damage to crewships unless the armor is stripped completely which makes this weapon almost useless in 99% cases.
  6. Resource popups block half of the cooldown meter.
  7. Weapon ranges should be shown whenever you are manning a turret or piloting. Targets should appear a certain color when in ideal range.
  8. Should have a outline of the ship's current facing direction so you know where the railjack is moving
  9. Remove Artillery cannon from Gunnery tree and give it to Pilot. Replace with personal munitions where the player has their own resource for firing missiles and activating ship avionics. These resources get replenished the same way the pilot gets them back, when engineering crafts it. If the pilot uses no resources or there's overflow, the overflow is converted at double the rate to replenish side gun personal munitions. 


  1. The entire engineering, 4 console setup, makes zero sense. Sure maybe you need 4 consoles because 4 players might want to do something (unlikely but I guess that's why its there). But other than that the UX and design is poor. Its clear you want the engineering specialist to handle engineering. They could have been given a console that isn't bogged down by a 2 minute cooldown on each action, and Like what part of engineering is "press buttons to craft consumables but its on a cooldown and more importantly your job is to watch if the capacity gets reached." Like seriously, who pulls on some rope to access crafting in a spaceship. We don't even do this on the Orbiter.
  2. All 4 consoles should be linked, and show all 4 cooldowns and associated crafting buttons. This way one console can manage all of engineering, but 4 people connect to it at the same time.
  3. Engineering console could have been a semi-active role where you can heal the ship or power the shields or charge the weapons and increase speed output. Along with managing repairs and fighting boarding crews, this becomes a full time job that's meaningful.
  4. Why on earth is there a 2 second animation windup to access a console and exit the console? This should be near instant like using any control interface.
  5. Engineers past rank X should be able to see the cooldowns and vitals and ship issues on their HUD
  6. Why is there a wall between all the consoles and a hole??
  7. You can't see how much stuff you're actually crafting with your higher ranks. For example you can craft 2 dome charges but it only shows +1. 

Railjack Interface UX

  1. A new score screen should be created for Railjack. One that shows all the resources you had before and after the mission completed so you can see the yield difference. This also helps players spot check the numerous math bugs that show undercounted intrinsic gain and resource gain that have been posted all over Reddit. The new score screen isn't just for helping debug the game however, it's just necessary to show progression in a way that's easy to digest without having to memorize what you have in storage already. Just look at how confusing intrinsic counting is. Its like its intentionally designed to be a confusing and hard to parse.
  2. Allow players to manage and upgrade their railjack either from the Orbiter or at least inside the railjack too. 
  3. Allow players to go directly to the railjack upgrade interface in the dojo.
  4. The pilot and the sideguns should have separate resources for using missiles so people stop arguing over it. 
  5. Wreckage capacity should be doubled due to the RNG nature of them. The game should also display the total wreckage you have in your inventory so you know when you approach capacity.
  6. Needs better compare/sort functions. Please stop sorting by alphabetical for wreckage and avitronics. Just sort by their actual types so we can easily compare them at a glance instead of having to hunt around.

Railjack Ship Design

  1. You should be able to reach the engineering section from the back of the 2nd deck. Put a hole or ramps in there. Its pretty annoying how the edgy tenno kid plot device takes up that entire area while blocking off access to the back.
  2. Slingshot area shouldn't be in some small hidden area at the top of the ship. If anything it should have been in the circular drive area at the observation deck.
  3. Shields feel pretty bad compared to health. Buff shields or give armor to shields. Shields have long not made much sense in warframe aside from a few frames.


  1. Should have about 50% more range so you can repair damaged areas on the ceiling without having to jump.
  2. Hazards like fire/electrical shouldn't have some "minigame". The speed at which the process bar ramps up is too fast in the beginning to meaningfully hit early [ ] targets, its almost easier to just keep using the tool until the circle fills. Just remove the minigame all together. Very few people like your open world mining mechanics anyways.
  3. Instead of having this take up space on your gearwheel, give this tool a hotkey that accesses it anywhere on your gearwheel. Not just a 1-10 gearwheel hotkey that only works on first page items. 
  4. Hazards like fires/frost/electrical should clearly indicate what systems they are affecting and displayed on the HUD.


  1. Increase drop rates.
  2. Its pretty much a nightmare to compare and contrast between three different houses at the start when you don't know how it works. Why bother having three types of the same type of Avionics when clearly two of them are garbage compared to the best one? Could have simply gone much clearer naming convention or allow more upgrades from higher tier houses so its easy to tell "at a glance" which Heat avionic is actually better without scrolling around and clicking each of them.
  3. Like Wreckage, is it just me or do we simply not know what's what out there to the point where the next update is for sure going to invalidate all the effort and resources invested in the current "best in class" upgrades?
  4. Give us a compare/contrast or better grouping by type, not house name, not anything else.
  5. Reduce blackout screen when blackhole is used. If you are on the RJ, you can't see anything for a few seconds. If you are in a enemy crewship, you also get blacked out for a few seconds. Basically, it looks super cool but don't blind your allies like its a negative.
  6. All support avionics should be unlimited range so they actually do something instead of doing nothing at 100m.


  1. Archmelee is useless and needs to be revisited or just removed until later.
  2. Please add a archwing defense mission that people can grind xp on.
  3. Reduce blink cooldown by 1 second.
  4. Increase blink range to 1000m and have it pick up everything between that distance in a radius of at least 400m.
  5. Amesha seems to be the only viable archwing so far, others need a revamp for railjack.
  6. Blink should be separate from Roll. Give Roll its own hotkey, its practically useless anyways.


  1. Please FIX the de-acceleration from trying to spam blink. You should have to HOLD down SHIFT to switch to speed modes so that trying to blink while in combat doesn't suddenly put you out of high speed.
  2. Would be cool if there were more specialized enemy fighter AI. Their ability to evade is annoying however since they can maneuver in ways players cannot. 
  3. Explain all the new damage types. What is Particle damage? Plasma damage? etc.
  4. Archmelee is useless. In fact most archweapons are useless.
  5. There should be a cooldown on entering and exiting environments so you don't bug out in archwing mode or ground mode.
  6. The empyrean map should not zoom straight into Earth every time, or should look at the last planet done. 
  7. Improve visibility of resources. You can barely see them as it is. Just do players a solid. Like why did you make the container look more unique but the resource model looks like an asteroid rock...
  8. Dying in space sucks. With how much damage enemies are doing, its impossible to get revived in most scenarios, nevermind reaching someone in 10 seconds. Revamp revives in archwing mode. Right now nobody even bothers to revive or wait to revive because the system doesnt work to how large railjack is.
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1 hour ago, tyki11 said:

How dare you bring logic and self control into things like this. Just wow. /s

lol ikr i think way too many ppl just get blinded by what THEY think this gamemode should have been rather than enjoying what is actually there and what DE had in mind 🙂

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9 minutes ago, Avss said:

Please FIX the de-acceleration from trying to spam blink. You should have to HOLD down SHIFT to switch to speed modes so that trying to blink while in combat doesn't suddenly put you out of high speed.


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vor 9 Stunden schrieb cyradon396:

PREACH! It's only been, what, two weeks or so? not even? and there's still complaints about how buggy Empyrean is? Have people just forgotten the concept of patience? A tree does not grow from a seed in a night. Don't yearn for the destination so bad that you get burned out. Enjoy the journey and all the bumps that go with it. That bug you saw today could disappear tomorrow, and you'll have witnessed another step forward in the evolution of an amazing game.

No one forced DE to announce it at the TGA "released right now" as they did. They set their own gun to the head with this deadline they wanted to achieve. Now they have to deal with it.

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The signal in the veil proxima is bugged, eventhough the signal is showing on the tile, the unique objective isn't spawning in properly

And matchmaking is S#&$, host migration in progress, connection to host is lost, connecting to hosts that aren't even in a mission

Great job with this update DE, you guys really shot yourselves in the knee with this by releasing it in this state 

How are those extra publicity points DE? Was it worth it putting the players and the team through all this bug-fixing bullS#&$? And with Christmas coming up, the whole team is going to be on break, so any bug that pops up that completely breaks the game will not be addressed until the new year, right?

Great #*!%ing job DE, great #*!%ing job

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Seriously de again, you make the sentient ship spawn on a buggy node. And i spent 30mins going in and out of mission and it never spawned. Dont make us wait 3hrs for the sentient ship to have it bugged out completely and not spawn for us, you make it the worst grind there is in your game and even then its broken, if you going to make us grind like hell for a weapon like this MAKE SURE IT SPAWNS AND WORKS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Woo.   fixes..   

Issues still i've seen.

Can't use guradas claws as a melee weapon in railjack missions.  need a proper melee equiped or you just can't melee.

Using the sling to go all arcwarhead and destory fighters lets you use your warframe weapons rather then the arcwing weapons.

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So, after farming for the shedu I decided to try it out

It jams.
The gun jams up due to a ton of reasons, for me it seems to jam up when I get interrupted while firing, or when the game feels extra naughty, just randomly
Once it jams up, there's no fix, it's like that until you enter another mission

I was so excited to use the weapon too, but considering it's broken more than half of the time my hours of farming is wasted xdd

On other news, the node flexa bugs out when the sentient ship is there, the ship itself doesn't spawn

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Heyho DE. I really enjoy this update and played it much so far.
What I really like ist the team-play focused gameplay, BUT.... and thats a great BUT... I really hate getting joined by trolls all the time..... that made me come to think of a permission system....

Why can everyone refine in mission?
Why can everyone just waste BFG shots?
Why can everyone on the gunner stations waste my flux?

Don't get me wrong, the wasted resources are not what I complain about... but the disruption it causes in my Setup.... like when everyone reshoots the tether making it unusable, or deploying the ram shield or reshooting ammunition vortex...

The Tactics intrinsic is a fine thing. Its great to let Cephalon Cy tell my team what should be done... but no one ever listens to him.... instead many players just do random bs.
Again: please don't get me wrong. I get matched with great players, too - and I've got nothing against players who are new to RJ - but in Veil they should know at least the basic stuff... such as not hitting refine every few pickups...

Is there any chance to integrate a permission system that let me - and every other "captain" who hosts a RJ mission - deny every crewmember by default some stuff... like the use of BFG or Refine? and by Cephalon Cying him to the engineer role, allowing him to refine the stuff? Or by Cephalon Cying someone as gunner to allow him to mount BFG? With my clanmates everyone on discord that is none of a problem... but playing with "randoms" can make it really annoying.... I just hit a level of bad mood due to those situations that I dislike playing RJ anymore as long as no clanmates are around....

Well.. I hope this is read by anyone who can at least understand the "downsides" of the current system. 

And now to finish this rant:
Thank You DE 

this is written and told way to few. Thanks for giving us such a great game. thanks for working on new content. and thanks for improving our experience.

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If this stuff is true about how multiple avionics are straight up unobtainable because they drop from enemies that literally cannot spawn (i.e. base exo cutter, but veil level range makes all cutters Elite) that is absolutely a critical bug you need to fix today lmao. Put it on a different mob if need be. How is it not turning up in internal data that this item has literally never dropped?

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I keep completing missions and im not getting anything from them, what is this crap? How is this not fixed yet? At the end of mission screen nothing appears and when i checked my avionics for some new ones i found, i didn't get them. Jeez dude.

Edit: I feel like it's happening whenever i run multiple missions without going back to drydock.

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4 hours ago, Slayer-. said:

With a resource booster I'm getting 120 Dirac a mission if I'm lucky, I got a hell of a lot more before the hotfix change, I can't progress my Railjack upgrades with 120 or less a mission when you need at least 1800 for one upgrade.

I really need to know other than scrapping everything where is it you can go to and get lots of Dirac before the hotfix because it's really cutting into my do I want to persist with upgrading my own ship, or just join pub games and help them out and hope we don't get a host migration and lose it all... I've completed Earth and Saturn so far.

I need lots of Dirac. 😞 

Run Veil Proxima, i got about 6000 in one play session from scrapping MK3 parts

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Game-breaking RJ bug: Disable ship killer platform mission won't complete.

Description: Destroyed both radiators, then captured the ship. At this point mission should complete, but it didn't. Game asks us to do the same mission again, even when we just did it (see bugged mission icon in screenshot).  Crew ships were 6/6 done when re first entered the asteroid. Also: there is invisible force-field that prevents us shooting this ship, our pilot rammed it and killed it somehow. Mission still won't complete.



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4 hours ago, Slayer-. said:

With a resource booster I'm getting 120 Dirac a mission if I'm lucky, I got a hell of a lot more before the hotfix change, I can't progress my Railjack upgrades with 120 or less a mission when you need at least 1800 for one upgrade.

I really need to know other than scrapping everything where is it you can go to and get lots of Dirac before the hotfix because it's really cutting into my do I want to persist with upgrading my own ship, or just join pub games and help them out and hope we don't get a host migration and lose it all... I've completed Earth and Saturn so far.

I need lots of Dirac. 😞 


10 minutes ago, MacAaroni said:

Run Veil Proxima, i got about 6000 in one play session from scrapping MK3 parts

Thanks, when I get to the mission requirement I'll give it a go, it told me when I clicked the mission I needed level 7 intrinsic, I haven't tried again since taking gunnery to level 7, or you need all trees at 7.

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Still getting sometimes in railjack, an infinite loading at mission end, which forces to abandon, losing rewards. 

Maybe related to some players disconnecting willfully or by error at the time the host uses Navigation to select another mission or go back to drydock, or disconnections during the warp/loading screen. 


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infinite loading bug when trying to enter a veil proxima that has the sentient ship signal

bug with sentient ship signal mission that causes the sentient ship to not appear, a normal objective appears instead

this update has been nothing but a buggy piece of S#&$, nice work with killing all hype for this update DE


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Sooo.... just tried to load into the void/sntient mission and guess what tried my railjack nope endless loading then tried joining nope the damn ship doesn't load in so you just stare into empty space. Also tried about 20 times and it stopped being funny after the 5th time...

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  • Please add the binding of the tactical menu to the railjack section of controller configs... as of now you can only bind it in the regular section of controller configs. Regular config is very full as it is with limited buttons on a controller, being able to at use the tactical menu while piloting/ in side guns (railjack controller config section of would help) 
  • For several cyles already, the sentient ship node in veil has been bugged, either it won't spawn of the node will result in infinite loading.
  • Still invisible healing spheres in veil, and even it goes away and you lured an enemy far away, some of them would get bugged and never stop auto healing. Have to sometimes get lucky with multiple crit shots on a cryo mk3 to bring them down.
  • Possible for the ones staying in the railjack auto share generic loot with the away team in the Galeon? It just feels getting the short end of the stick unless you parked the RJ far away to keep it safe, and by then the away team already cleaned up loot.
  • Sometimes when tabbing from the RJ console from parts to avionics, avionics installed doesn't show on the grid. Have to exit the panel and activate it again for them to reappear.
  • Earlier suggestion of having the host being able to assign roles/ restrictions to random crewmates. Like they can't use munitions / refine / tacticals / battle avionics / ect.
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