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Erra quest not activating


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Went to the mission with the blinking red thing, went inside the ship, broke the crystal.
Once back, 2 people in the squad got the quest, 2 didn't.

I have no #*!%ing clue of what could have played. Maybe we (the 2 who didn't get the quest) were to far from the crystal when destroyed ? Seriously no idea, but pretty annoying bug.

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Same thing just happened here, though I have a crystal shard to show for my troubles and no quest ..  any solutions ?


I redid the mission today and realised that what I had done before, may have been in error.  I had "cracked" what I had believed to be the crystal. I did receive a shard at the time.  Today, (please see image below, courtesy of Redit) I broke this ! and when I returned to my orbiter, the Quest started as it should have.

I will add. That EACH MEMBER of the SQUAD must have a Paracecis and break the crystal individually, they each have their own instance. 



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Issue for post fixed and hope to give better report.
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