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Shield Breaking cues have been completely broken for a while now


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As per title, there is currently no strong visual tell or the distinct audio cue that should normally occur whenever your shields are reduced to 0.

Most players probably haven't noticed this because shields are largely ignored in 'meta', but these cues are absolutely vital to actually play a shield-reliant build. You need to know when it breaks so you can switch to cautious play so it has time to refresh - also including Guardian, which has a cooldown you are only aware of when you're clearly cued that shield was broken and Guardian was used.
Shields are also crucial for newer players who do not have access to sufficient health regeneration resources, making any damage beyond the shield a risk of attrition leading to deaths.

I'm not sure exactly when this issue first arrived, but it's definitely been out for several patches now. It was somewhere between Old Blood and Empyrean launches.

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