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[Railjack] Archwing is completely useless


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There is a Murphy's law that says more or less:

"... if something can go wrong, it will go wrong; but most likely it will go worse."

It's exactly what I feel when I use my Archwing in Railjack, Empyrean. I cannot understand how it is possible that DE has considered this game system to be minimally viable and fun. Except for Amesha (which is now META), everything else feels completely broken.

  • -The enemy's scale is absurd. Invincible ships, ships too fast, projectiles that destroy your 1-shot Arch.
  • -Our weapons are a joke. Projectiles are now so slow that it is almost impossible to achieve anything.
  • -There is no energy to use Arch skills. I am not saying little energy: there is no dropable energy.

I know, I know, improvements will come for Railjack. What worries me is how it is possible for DE to release a version of the game in this state. I can not understand it.

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I personally feel it was a mistake to start Railjack balance basically at existing Warframe end game, with infantry as tough as level 100 Grineer spacecraft labelled "Level 1" who equal probably level 40-60 Archwing enemies. Both Railjack AND Archwings need a major balance pass, as far as I'm concerned.

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