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Thank You For Watching Livestream #15!


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We will have video and summary here, also:




Summary (Thanks DEMegan):


Livestream #15 Summary


Rebecca sat down with our Concept Artists Eric, Mynki and Mike and they did not disappoint!


Stream starts with the usual introductions and then Rebecca gets right into player questions.


Rebecca: Krill3 asks “I'd be interested to learn what tools they use to make the concept art, I wonder if they still use pen and paper, or if they've moved to something digital with a wacom or similar to get a pen like feel still.”


Mike: “It just depends on the actual work at task that’s given out. If you feel like drawing with pen will get you to the solution quicker and other times you can just jump right in digitally”


Rebecca: G3m1n1 asks “How do you narrow down all the many concept ideas generated by the team into the few that will actually get worked on for implementation? Furthermore, are there any requirements which a concept must meet in order to even be considered for implementation?”


Mynki: “There are definitely a lot of things that have to be met for it to be considered. Often things start off pretty random and it’s a matter of refining them until they fit into Warframe. Some concepts are so high quality that it would require a lot to build all the models that the concept implies.”


Mynki reveals the new Corpus Ship concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=5m48s


Eric reveals the Corpus Gas City concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=7m18s

Eric: “The key to a lot of this stuff is to make sure it resembles something that you can relate to but then also Science Fiction.”



Rebecca: Armouredhunter asks “What do you guys usually draw inspiration from? Ex. fan art, real life equipment, fantasy (movies, games, art, etc), had a crazy pizza dream last night and had to draw something from it.”


Mike: “Depends what you’re tackling. A film is a great place of inspiration, other illustrators that have really great ideas and often within your team just throwing around ideas.”


Mike reveals and discusses his Dojo sea life: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=9m46s


Rebecca: Jamescell asks “How focused are the concept artists priorities? Are there specific areas that deserve more attention in the future such as re-textured models that makeup supposedly new units?”


Mynki: “It tends to be new-ish things. Majority of concepts tend to be environment related.”


Eric reveals and talks about the Corpus gas city concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=12m45s


Mike reveals the beautiful Jungle themed concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=13m50s


Rebecca: Regierung asks “Have you created any Concept arts to illustrate possibly what Tenno do for fun/entertainment? The Parkour room in clan dojo could be considered one, but what about other things, like [possibly] creating a Rube Goldberg Machine [in between missions]? For all we know, they just sit in a bunker and nap until the next mission.”


Mike answers by revealing his Dojo Garden: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=16m29s


Rebecca: Sirmeta293 asks “How much concept art gets made, versus how many is actually implemented in game?”


Eric: “Probably a 1:10 ratio, or 1:20. A lot gets done and a lot gets cut, but that’s what concept is; it’s fun.”

Mynki: “What I’ve learned from this project is stuff that gets cut, can often get un-cut.”


Rebecca: Korion321 asks “Do you have any new concept art that you would like to show us?”



Eric reveals his Jungle Grineer concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=20m40s

Eric reveals another Jungle Grineer concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=21m39s


Rebecca: Sixty5 asks “Is there a particular design style that you prefer above others?” I’m going to use this as a Faction based question, so is there any particular Faction design style that you prefer?


Eric: “I like Grineer because it’s crazy and it’s kinda no-holds-bar, sloppy. I don’t mind corpus, it’s pretty rigid.”

Mike: “It’s nice to be able to mix it up. Someday I find certain Factions can be a bit tougher and some days it’s nice to jump into certain ones that you can get done.”


Mike reveals a Sci-Fi concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=24m39s

Mike: “We’re just exploring ideas with some new locations.”


Rebecca: Santaphrax asks “A lot of Warframes have some aspect of their design that is either regarded as unpleasant by the general community. How to the concept artists feel about these things and more importantly; Have they ever considered altering a frame's design after that frame has been released?”


Mynki: “I’ll definitely consider it [altering frames] but I do kind of like those aspects of the designs. They are intentional; personally I think it’s a little boring if everything on the character is cool. Every character needs something that makes them significantly diff. I apologize if people don’t like it but all the Warframes are so cool in every way, they don’t have to be perfect to be cool.”




Rebecca: Weisskreuz asks “If someone were to follow your footsteps, what wisdom would you impart to them in terms of life lessons you have learned making mistakes along the way?”


Eric: “Learn your anatomy, perspectives, draw boring stuff.”

Mynki: “I think about this a lot. Just practice your drawing skills. I wasted a lot of times in my life just playing games instead of practicing.”

Mike: “Trying as many different techniques and mediums, don’t be afraid to just try stuff.”


Mynki shares one of his personal inspirations: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=30m37s

Mynki reveals a new Orokin ship: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=32m36s


Rebecca: Corentis asks “What’s the goal of the art style behind the dojo...In a sense it feels futuristic, however with the added gardens it brings a sense of tradition.  ”



Mike reveals his Dojo inspired Orokin concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=34m1s

Mike: “The dojo itself is a place that you go that feels the least alien. When you’re in the dojo there are things that you can relate to so you can feel at home.”


Rebecca: Grimgrip asks “What other franchises and/or art styles inspire you guys/gals? Are there any styles your team would like to try out in the game that haven't been attempted so far?”





Rebecca: Arkfall asks “The word "Ninja" has become almost the center point around which the game is based on, Should we expect to see strictly Oriental additions to the game from here on out? Are there going to be more European, Scandinavian, Middle-Eastern inspired works?”


Mynki: “Basically it’s leaning a little bit on the Eastern side of things, but already inspiration is coming from other cultures.”


Mynki reveals some Japanese/Chinese style Spades: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=38m12s

Grineer melee: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=39m13s

Grineer guns and rifles: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=39m13s

Tenno composite Bows: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=40m27s


Rebecca: gunpowdersaint asks “First did you go to a standard university or a specialized art institute?”


Eric: “I went to Sheridan College for Animation, and then I did animation and realized that’s not what I wanted to do.  But it helps, they taught a lot of the basics, and perspectives fundamentals.

Mynki: “I went to Algonquin College in Ottawa, I took Graphic Design and then I went back and took Animation.”

Mike: “I went to Fanshawe college and took Industrial Design. Few years later I back to Seneca college and took some 3D.



Rebecca: CitizenGID asks “Do you prefer digital methods using a tablet and image software (ie. Wacom products and Photoshop/Corel Painter etc.) combos or traditional media for your initial concepts?  What are your favorite hardware/software combo and/or your favorite traditional media?”



Mynki goes nostalgic and reveals some drawings from 2003:





Eric reveals another take on the wild forest idea: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=47m11s


Eric reveals 2 Grineer Settlement concepts: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=48m3s http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=48m31s


Eric reveals 2 Grineer Galleon Sets: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=48m46s http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=49m2s


Mynki reveals an Orokin device concept: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=49m52s


Mike reveals a Dojo foot bridge design: http://youtu.be/FscHNWGjIMo?t=52m10s


Rebecca: “What weapons can you expect from a Martial Arts concept set?”


Mynki: “We have a back log of crazy weapon ideas, we’ll keep you posted.”



Rebecca: “In terms of concepts, do you plan to have specific concept tile sets per planet?”


Mynki: “Yep, differentiating it more and more per area is going to happen.”


Rebecca: “Do you have new ideas in terms of new Factions?”


Mynki: “There’s one on the backburner that’s kind of different. It’s a matter of seeing the need to spice things up with something new.”


Rebecca: “A lot of people are asking about the next Prime Warframe.”


Mynki: “That’s going to Ember Prime. I do have a pretty rough sketch of her. I’m planning to build it myself. I kind of want to do another Prime soon after.”


Rebecca: “Shapeshifter Warframe?”


Mynki: “We’ve talk about themes that are around that, one that somehow can absorb different things like environment. It’s still a pretty loose idea.”


Rebecca: “How often do you guys look in the Fan Art section of the Forums?”


Eric: “Absolutely, stuff that I’ve seen is awesome.”

Mynki: “I’ve definitely seen some awesome stuff. It’s really cool to see people inspired enough to draw.”

Mike: “It’s nice to see people have a lot of passion for the game.”


Rebecca: “Game influences: Have you been inspired by Mass Effect 3?”



Thanks for watching everyone!

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New warframe eh?

Hopefully this one will be like Nova, and the Design Council will get to decide.

Maybe that's why they revealed nothing...

Also, Prime Ember?

Was hoping for good old Loki to get some spotlight.

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