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Why Is It Sending To Steam!?


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Alright,heres whats happening.Im trying to buy the founders pack,the hunter pack at least.But everytime I click it.It goddamn sends me to the steam site which ask for credit card but Im using Mol Points(Malaysian btw).I even had some guys show me how to change it so I can buy it using Mol but it keeps on sending me to steam and it pissin me!.PLS some1 help me b4 I lose my sanity and a Excalibur Prime Warframe

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If you created your account for Warframe through Steam, your account is bound to Steam as a payment method.


This is said in the Steam Wallet FAQ on the support site. I don't know if it will help you, but it's worth a shot:



I get an error when I try and pay with Steam Wallet

It may not be detecting that you are logged on properly, try following the steps below to hopefully get you past the error/loop you are in.

  1. Log into Steam
  2. Run Warframe and log in
  3. Click on the MARKET button in the upper right
  4. Click on BUY PLATINUM

That should bring up the Platinum page, if you wish to buy a Founders package click on the "Become a Founder" button.


I can only use the Steam Wallet, help!

If you are using the Steam client, and are accessing the https://warframe.com/buyplatinum webpage through the Steam Web browser you may be restricted to the usage of the Steam Wallet. If you are experiencing this problem, simply opening the same https://warframe.com/buyplatinum web page from your default web browser should display all payment methods available to you.

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This is why I don't use Steam.

I wish I had helpful feedback. Don't use steam anymore. Boycott it. Kill it.


Because you don't have a CC that should make Steam irrelevant for the rest of us?


I have over 50 games many of which I probably would not have bought without Steam. In fact I only found out about Warframe because of Steam which says all that needs to be said. Hate it or love it Warframe would not be anywhere near as successful as it has become without it.

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Love steam. So many indie games I would not have found without it, such as warframe.

Sure them selling Daikatana or WarZ or whatever they renamed it is questionable. But the good far outweighed the bad.


Is more likely fault of DE deals with distributors and specific services going through them, like founder packages. Good thing the problem being Founders is about to vanish in a month eh?

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