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Railjack model scaling


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Something has been bugging me about a specific enemy in Railjack missions...



And then I realized I'd seen that guy before... from the Archwing Pursuit mission!



This old friend of ours. What bothers me about this... is in the Pursuit map, that particular ship is twice as big as the Archwing, or thereabouts. Maybe three times. I can actually fit between the two "arms" of it, and still have space to spare. But in Railjack? It's basically the same size as my Archwing.

People have been pointing out how much smaller the Railjack is in-mission than in the Dry Dock, as well.

I really would value some consistency here. I don't mind if the scaling seems wonky or off from exterior to interior. I get it. Code has to be able to handle it, the PC specs have to be able to handle it, the engine has to be able to handle it.

But... I would love consistency between different missions, at least. I would genuinely enjoy seeing everything scaled similarly to the old Archwing missions.

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