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Repair the port nacelle in the dry dock bug! give me back what is mine!!!

(XBOX)Steven Hough

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im in a clan with about 6 people, only i play the game and i wanted to build the rail. anyone can tell this would be a challange but lucky i had everything but the credits. i did the maths and last i checked, i only needed 0.5 million. thought surly the build from last night is finished. went to check and at first i thought maybe i didnt start the build but i did. how i know this is because i had 337 control modules, and 200 is needed. why is it asking me to build it again when ive only got 137????? so not only that, this game has robbed me of 1m credits, 60 carbides, 5000 circuits, 27,000 alloy plates and finally 200 control module. im f***ing pissed, its taken hours to get all that, i want it back!!!

surly there is a way to view what ive done in this game, what ive spent etc. so if the devs have access to that, that'll be prove even. ive spent real money on credit boosts to speed things up but now am i REALLY expected to grind to get more materials thats ive already f***ing earned and used??????

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