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Railjack gameplay feature ideas.


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This is my personal feedback for playing Railjack, and there were a few ideas that I thought could make the gameplay experience slightly better if it doesn't exist already.

1. Since arch guns are no longer hit scan(I thought this made sense btw), could there be a mod or a feature that adds a flight lead indicator to a target that you're trying to shoot at?

2. How about a 6DOF(or 5 if that's what it's called) rotation movement just for Railjack missions?

3. 3D Elite style radar for Archwing, Pilot, and Gunner.

4. Is it also possible to donate resources from your personal stash to a ship(To get Revolite) during the mission? If not, I would suggest this one too if it's possible.

I understand Railjack is a fairly new feature to the game, it's just a thought this would make game mode better but that's just me.
Yeah, I did read some other topics but I'm not too sure if any of these were already mentioned.

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