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27.0.7 Fulmin reload glitch still present


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On 2019-12-19 at 5:17 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Fulmin (only when reduced to below 10 rounds on Semi-Auto firing mode), Flux Rifle, Kitguns with the 'Gaze' Chamber type and Pax Charge Arcane, Imperator/Vandal, Cycron, and Larkspur not recharging correctly.

The above quote was part of yesterday's 27.0.7 update which did fix this reload bug while using Semi mode with the Fulmin, but it's still present when using Auto mode. Correction, this glitch still happens for both Auto and Semi mode for the Fulmin.

To reproduce:

  1. Fire the Fulmin (specific ammo count doesn't matter)
  2. Attack with melee immediately after firing (before the ammo doesn't have a chance to recharge)
  3. Repeatedly press M1 to fire the Fulmin as soon as the melee animation completes
  4. Reload glitch will occur, though somewhat inconsistently (usually after every other attack, with Paracesis)
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