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Stalker Appearing Without Killing A Boss


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After an alert I completed on a mission that would normally contain a boss (Everest/Councilor Vay Hek) that removed the boss from the level, I was given a rather unpleasant surprise visit from my old friend Stalker. He promptly whooped my sorry (and confused) behind after telling me I had murdered said boss, despite never actually killing him (that is, I have never actually killed that boss before, so it isn't just a late appointment with Stalker) although he still gave me the regular old speech about vengeance, etc etc. I assume this isn't supposed to happen, maybe Stalker got the wrong guy?

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Yea. What Omega Said. I've had the Stalker come after me for killing a boss that not only had I not killed, I hadn't even unlocked the level yet. He's actually a time traveling stalker, who kills you for killing the boss in the future, to prevent you from ever killing that boss! :D But he forgets that Warframes can raise themselves from the dead. Unlike his boss buddies.

Oh. Um. I um. I mean...What stalker?

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