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Future Warframe Ideas


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I just wanted to make a thread for all you people out there, like me, who have ideas for warframes in the future.  I have a few myself and I would like to hear what you have to say about them.  Feel free to post your ideas as well.  We are all one community of Warframe gamers, and why not help the Devs get a few ideas?


My first is a frame based on manipulation of time.


Name: Eve


Skill #1:  Blitz - Eve rushes forward at the enemy in your crosshair while slowing enemies around her, slashing the target with a high damage melee strike.


Skill #2:  Dodge - Eve slows incoming projectiles and destroys them with her melee weapon (still thinking about this one).


Skill #3:  Time Travel - Eve leaps into the future, and a second later returns with futuristic armor (probably just a shiny finish on her existing armor) that increases her attack speed and reduces incoming damage by x for y seconds.


Skill #4 Ulti:  Ancient - Eve smashes the ground (with her fist I would think), letting forth an AoE ripple in time.  All enemies in the sphere age rapidly to dust (mostly for lighter enemies) and the rest take a large amount of damage and suffer from slowness (because they kinda got older).



My second frame is based on the infested Tenno that the description of the ether sword talks about.  The part of "cleansing corrupted allies".  I was thinking of what an infested Tenno would be like.


Name: Bane


Skill #1:  Spines - Bane fire small spine-like bone growths from his wrist(s) at enemies.


Skill #2:  Leap (relating to the annoying leapers) - Bane leaps forward similarly to that of a leaper, but instead of leaping forward, he leaps in an arc in the air, landing and dealing AoE damage.


Skill #3:  Spores - Bane throws down a few explosive spores that act as land mine to any enemies that walk on them.


Skill #4 Ulti:  Infest (debating on name and ability still) - Bane releases x long strands of his infected skin, which grapple onto multiple enemies.  The lengths of skin then contract back to Bane holding the enemies in the air for easy melee targets.  All of the damage the enemies take in this state heal Bane x amount.


Hope you like these ideas and please no negative comments, for I'm only trying to give some ideas.  Thanks!

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