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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.8

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Warframe's last Devstream showed percentages about the use of archwings and as expected, Amesha was at the first place. Thus, are there changes for other archwings (besides the modular archwing system) to make them more usable for Railjack? If Amesha is used by over 70% of the people in not even two weeks since the release, means there isn't balance with other archwings and in a gamemode which puts player's cooperation and movement at the first place, I think it's pretty needed. 

De-grindification for Railjack contruction parts! By.... doubling items obtained at the end of the mission. Now, this is a problem which happens everytime on every patch, there is no proper testing and for sure a lot of people have "thrown" their resources after hours and hours of farming for their railjack parts, I think it would be needed to run a script which doubles all the resources spent by those players, I know a lot of people not even attempting railjack due to it's "grindness" but the rest of the other players which played it? What about who farmed hours to get their first items repaired? Reward who actually had to pay and farm for things that got semplified. (Still waiting for a possible "item-rng conversion")

The Anomaly node. Letting people wait around 2-3 hours without any way to predict when this node happens. Please add a "Time" variable in worldstate for developers and players to predict when an anomaly is going to appear. 

Once again, the refine button. Consider about "autorefining" resources before going to the drydock since most people forgets to do it and that's a potential loss of resources. 

Skirmish rewards, ayy this again. Like, seriously, a forma blueprint with 2.50% chance? Most people are out there trying to get Vidar reactors and parts for a mission which doesn't properly last "5 minutes". If you wanted to "de-grindify" costruction parts, you should reconsider about at least making that forma built for that low percentage.

While still talking about formas, 24 hours for an item which gets used multiple times each day, any planned revisit for foundry crafting time of commonly used items? I think 1 hour should be ok.

I think a good way to start 2020 is by not making another mainline with new things. Please check the feedback users gave and try to rework or fix what is already present in the game, as a player I would love to see things I already know getting reworked and updated rather than new things. And at the end of that, wish you good holidays.

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Hi DE.

I’m here again to talk about the truth. Empyrean wasn’t the success it should be, I think. You can’t deny that, because numbers never lie. The majority of people hate that Mainline. Some people just play Empyrean for the sake of playing Warframe. That has nothing to do with enjoyment at all. Some others really enjoy it and that’s fine. Everyone can have an opinion. For me it’s just not that much understandable, because the update is still so bugged. Your update is also super grindy, but it looks like you finally start to address that. Grind to a proper extent is fine. I wouldn’t play Warframe, if I would hate Grind, but being forced to do the same boring, unrewarding missions 500 times is not enjoyable anymore. Grinding for a game mode that is totally isolated from the core game also doesn’t help it at all. You can’t hide all the problems behind insane Grind. The problem here is also that Empyrean is basically Archwing content. Something not many people enjoyed before and it’s not even that much different now. Except for the fact that there is a Railjack now. Making Arch-Guns projectile based with the projectiles being too slow to kill effectively and not adding auto targeting back to Arch-Melees is also not a help for your big update. The projectiles should be a bit faster at least.

But your game is Free to Play, so it’s okay to give your playerbase such a mess. Some people actually believe that, for whatever reason. A game is living from their players, so they deserve at least decent updates. That doesn’t mean that there are no bugs or flaws allowed. But if you need such a high amount of Hotfixes and most things are still not addressed, that’s not okay. I have the feeling that all what matters is that it your game looks good. Bugs and enjoyment are not really important anymore. I would wish that this could change in the future again.  

It’s also not valid for some people that you point out what is wrong with the game in it’s current state. It’s only allowed to say that Warframe is a very good game, which is actually not wrong at all. But the recent changes and updates are totally going into the wrong direction in my opinion. Some next level of RNG and Grind, that’s not how Warframe should be in the future. Just to force people to use plat. At least that’s what it looks like. It’s super easy to say that everything is right, but it takes some courage to give some critic, so things can become better in the future. Most people choose the easy way without resistance. So it looks like everything is fine, but it’s not. It’s also very easy to just say: “Just leave the game if you don’t like it”. Just to bypass every single argument made by others.

I still wonder… What are the reasons for these rushed and unpolished updates? Is it the playerbase, which constantly wants new content? I highly doubt that. Players have waited for 2 years to get their hands on Railjack and now they finally received it, but only partly and unpolished. Why is that? You also made false promises to your players with your Roadmap 2019, in which quite a lot of things are still not here at the end of 2019. Game development is quite complex and not always easy, but I think that something is really wrong when I look at Empyrean and the actual development time. Maybe you work on too many things at the same time, but I don’t really know. Working a lot on something doesn’t necessarily mean that the working process is effective. The players need to wait quite some time for new updates to even drop and then they need to wait again for weeks, until that content is bugfixed and adjusted to a playable rate. That’s sad. Updates should be enjoyable and playable when they drop and not weeks later. Don’t use your players as an experiment to test your alpha builds please. That’s not fair. The worst is when updates don’t get fixed at all, like Liches. Bad balancing is a big problem, because it will force you to some extent to implement changes later on. Which results in deceiving your loyal players, who played your update since day one, because they needed to invest much more time to get the same results. It’s a devaluation of time.

The truth hurts DE, but the only way that players can get that Warframe back they once loved, is to tell you nothing but the truth. If you feel offended by this, you can delete that post, but just running away will not help your game. People will post tons of suggestions in detail here, I’m 100% sure. They also posted tons of possible fixes already. I’m happy that you started to address some of the problems already, but you could have avoided some of them easily by just testing your update a bit more. I’m nearly 100% sure that you wouldn’t enjoy that first released version of Empyrean yourself, but you still released it like that. Just involve your playerbase more again. It helps nobody if you start hyping your update and tell everybody how great it is, when it has big flaws in reality. Sometimes I have the feeling that you don’t really know the mechanics of your game that well. Resulting in unnecessary nerfs and changes. Sadly many loyal players left Warframe in 2019.

I just wanted to share my feelings, again. All I want for 2020 is a game that I can love again, DE. I still have hopes that you can achieve that. I wish you a merry Christmas.

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3 minutes ago, Senguash said:

Thanks for the hotfix!

Still hoping for critical chance on slide attack to receive a similar treatment to crit chance so it makes sense comparatively.

Sacrificial Steel = 220%
CC on rivens = 180%
Maiming Strike = 150%
Slide CC on rivens = 90%

The first 2 applies on all attacks and gets 2x on heavy attacks.

The latter 2 forces you to slide exclusively.

This makes no sense.

Just because railjack released does not mean it's suddenly not an issue.

there it is, the unrelated F5 comment for every update.

> Just because railjack released does not mean it makes any sense.

what does that even mean lmao, this update was mainly to fix the railjack mode, and the bugs that came with it. youre better off making a new thread of your own rather than spamming F5 for top post lul



DE since the railjack update, there is a bug on relic runs where everytime someone joins your squad or someone starts a mission it forces the void relic refinement station / window to force close.hence you have to interact it all over again. this also bugs the upgrade refinement on the relic itself.

Ciper failed count on Profile stats is also "bugged". since the release of the Parazon on the Lich / New Blood update, it counts everything from mercy kills to Forge pulldown on railjack.

Happy new years DE


PS. it would be nice to disallow editing comments in every Hotfix Posts / Updates, to prevent spammers like this guy: https://imgur.com/a/mKpFG1h

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Just some food for thought going into the break but, could you potentially look into making Wreckage cheaper to repair (but start weaker) and allow us to use various resources to upgrade particular stats on the restored component? For example, I have a Mk3 Engine with 0.23% boost speed right now after the 15,000 titanium grind. 

What if I was able to grind just 5,000 titanium instead to repair a... say, 0.15% boost speed engine, and then opt to use 10,000 titanium (in total) to steadily upgrade that? I think for me, part of the problem isn't necessarily with the high resource cost for repairs, but rather, that we need to spend long chunks of time meandering through space without any meaningful upgrades to our equipment/Railjack in between.

My post here might be kinda wordy, so I'll put the easier-to-understand bit here:


15,000 Titanium (+various other mats) -> Mk3 Engine with +0.23x Boost Speed Multiplier (BSM)


Possible change: 

5,000 Titanium (+relatively reduced quantities of other mats) -> Mk3 Engine with +0.17x BSM

Optionally spend 5,000 Titanium (+other mats) -> Mk3 Engine with +0.20x BSM

Another 5,000 Titanium -> +0.23x BSM

Again, it's just brain-food. I figure this might soothe some of the dissatisfaction of continuous grind. This idea here's just mooching off the mod system, honestly: You pick up a weak-ish thing, dump some resources into it, and have it become slightly stronger. It could very well be that one of the aims of Railjack components is to avoid having just Mods 2.0, but I do hope that my words can give a little boost to the cogs up in those head fruits. I personally wouldn't mind having additional wait time while the NPCs are reinforcing the components either. It's been repeatedly said that the intent is for people to not be done with in Empyrean in just a few days, and I think the resource costs here are manageable. 

Thanks again for the patch, thanks for the Update, and I wish all of you at DE the greatest holidays!

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PLEASE add a keybinding for Omni Tool! I'm begging you! 🙂


EDIT: For the people PM'ing me in game to tell me "leave your first slot empty and it'll have a keybind", which means changing everything else I already have set to do something not clearly described or probably intended. Opposed to having an option in the menu to assign any key so you don't have to use your gear wheel bindings at all. This way you can, for example, set it to one of your 12 mouse buttons or a shift modifier. I've spent 5,000 hours in game with my keybinds how I like them, I don't want my energy pizzas to be Num8 when they've been Num7 for 5,000 hours. 

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Thanks for update. Could we please get codex for certain RJ entries fixed? Ie Cannon Battery is missing.

Also Earth Proxima is missing enemies such as the Elites, like Elite Kosma Cutter, and Veil Proxima is missing regular Exo units, like Exo Cutter. This way, we are unable to receive some specific avionics.

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nevermind then
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3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Significantly increased the amount of Common Resources awarded by the End of Mission Rewards. This touches on our plans for Economy balancing within Railjack, and should lend a hand to furthering your Wreckage and Payload crafting projects!
  • Crewship projectiles no longer seek after Archwings! They’ll still attempt to fire at you but they will no longer seek and one-hit-KO your Archwing.
  • Fixed inability to enter the ‘Investigate Anomaly’ objective on Ruse War Field. 
  • Fixed screen turning completely black when inside a Blackhole, forever searching for that guy from that space movie with the books.
  • Fixed players becoming stuck in an infinite loading tunnel when launching from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed Non-Elite Exo Fighters unable to spawn in Veil Proxima.
  • Fixed Gyre Elites not dropping Avionics.

All major problems I had been running into, thanks!

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