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Hyperstrike avionic


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7 minutes ago, Alkarnus said:

Does anyone know where this thing drops? I've looked it up and supposedly it should be in Saturn Proxima. Hours of farming later and not a single drop.

I've got it from the first non-free flight node, on Earth... But it was the only drop of it that I've got from Earth.

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The Zetki one drops from Saturn and Lavan/Vidar versions (Which are significantly worse) Drops from Earth. Enemies have 10% chance to drop ANY resource , after a drop , you have 1.01% chance to ACTUALLY get Zetki Hyperstrike , which adds up to 0.001 chance to get it every kill.

Enemy Name Mod Drop Chance Chance
Elite Kosma Flak 10.00% Rare (2.01%)
Elite Kosma Cutter 10.00% Uncommon (11.06%)
Elite Gyre Cutter 10.00% Ultra Rare (1.01%)



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