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Transforming Frame Concepts


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I thought I would be one of those who would start this. But we all know One and only One existing TRANSFORMING Frame, [Equinox].
However, why not over time get a counterpart that is not too far from her concept.
Solstice; Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice would be like the halves. A male variation of that of similar to [Equinox]; Solstice would be using his two forms to have two different ways in slaying Infested/Grineer/Corpus/Corrupted/ect. Yes atleast one ability per form would have a Aoe of sorts, that grants himself a buff and those within a certain range a buff; the buff would be allowing a bonus damage (depending on form) and so forth.

Gives more Fashion-Framing. Gives more unique appearances, for those with skins when or if got them in the far far future or unique appearances with items that exist  to mix and mash with him. 

Why not any other transforming frames. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Or other transforming frame ideas? 

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I like the idea thematically, OP.
Trouble is, doesn't Gauss do either Heat or Cold with one of his skills?
They've doubled up on kit mechanics to some degree before, but that might be a bit on the nose.
What might you propose for autumn and spring?

Part of a Hydroid rework I've been ironing out involves him transforming to have tentacle arms. 😃



Photo editing is not exactly a talent of mine. This pertained to something specific in the build, but that gives you an idea anyways.


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