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foolish wishes: movement 4.0, archwing, and k-drive


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we are really fast, but sometimes i wish we had more maneuverability. I'm sure at some point, in your haste, you've smacked your noggin against the wall above a door and wished there was a more kinetic way of escaping the lip of the door-frame... well how about this, but for woor-frame 😉 ... oh dang i swore finding a gif like what's in my mind would be easy, well here's a low quality gif to give you the gist  PawbIFc.gif

and as for, k-drive, in missions, on railjacks, lets just use it more, and maybe add short secondary weapon bursts and melee attacks (with damage based on speed maybe?,

also this 07e545e0017c07e82139b8271868b32fe8b375b6


as for archwing, or maybe just itzal. grappling hooks to do 3 things

help redirect momentum k9tLvIn.gif

latch onto ships: drawing enemies into friendly fire, giving you some kind of weapon buff as you shoot from wall-latching position, and allowing easier boarding of large ships

and finally, when latched onto smaller ships, perform an arch-melee finisher on them


...feel free to add to what you think could make the game-play flow better.

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