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New Primed Smite Infested mod not showing to trade, even having it in inventory


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New Primed Smite Infested mod not appearing to trade, even having it in inventory


So there is:
I could not trade the new Primed Smite Infested mod with any player. I bought it without problems from Baro. Its impossible to trade it in many ways:

- I could trade fine the another Primed Smite mod, the Primed Smite Corpus exactly;
- Yes, I have a lot of credits to trade Primed mods (1M required). More than 17 Millions;
- Yes, it is showing ok on my inventory (1st screenshot);
- Tried relogin, no success;
- Tried to trade this mod with many players, continue not showing in trade screen (2nd screenshot);
- Even scrolling manually the big mods list in trade screen trying to find the mentioned mod, it is not showing too (just the another Primed mods appears);

So, unfortunately I spent 40k endo to max rank it (a player requested this to buy it from me). What could be done to get back these endos?

Is that bug because its a newer mod launched?

Please check this.



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Having the exact same issue as above.

Please, DE, fix this asap. I've spent a lot of creds and Endo to upgrade the mod to prepare it for sale -- which I was unable to do. I also lost out on 400 plats because of this issue.Not to mention the Ducat + cred cost of buying the mod in the first place (which I actually don't need at all, I bought it to sell it).

Let me add to the above that neither party involved surpassed their daily trading limit. So, this leaves no other explanation than this being a bug.

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