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Sounds go to full blast when encountering a cutscene


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I've had this problem for a while now and the new Erra quest/Anomoly tileset brought it back to my attention. For some reason, any time there is a cinematic related to a quest, everything is extremely loud just for that part. I have music off, but the music comes back on full blast during a cutscene and I can't hear any of the dialogue. When I, or someone in my squad, boards the anomoly ship in the Veil, all of the sounds in the entry cutscene are extremely loud and ignores my settings.

Is there a way to fix this other than maxing out the sound in Warframe and lowering it in volume mixer? Or is this just a bug. Any time I watch a stream or YouTube video relating to cutscenes, their audio is fine. Seems to just be affecting me.

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