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Railjack: Can't exit crew ship

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Doing railjack mission got a host migration. (was not host)

I was then solo.  A crew ship spawned in, I went and boarded it, blew reactor, then it would not let me leave.  I would go to the back press X to exit, it would do 1/2 the archwing animation, then put me back on crewship by the door.  I tried a few times with the same result unti lthe crew ship blew up at which point my screen was frozen with WF doing a flip into archwing.

I could bring up chat window and pause menu - that's it.  I could type in chat tried "/unstuck" said I was unstuck but the picture was still stuck. the pause menu I could choose anything - options/progress/etc and that worked but didn't do anything to unfreeze me.  So I had to choose abort from pause menu.

I will add the pause menu was not centered on screen but very small in the lower right corner of the screen.

Another 20 minutes wasted.


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