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App Games For Credits


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Disclaimer : This idea is rather silly.


Create mini-games to play via our mobile devices to earn in-game credits and possibly crafting resources or other rewards!


I'd be willing to pay a small amount -- say, as much as $5 (via the Play store or by unlocking add-ons to Warframe Nexus with Platinum) -- for Warframe-themed games that give me small in-game rewards.  I don't always have the time or inclination to run missions in Warframe (since the most rapidly-accessible group content are the longer Defense and Survival missions), but I usually have a laundry list of items to craft, mods to fuse, and transmutations to try.


Costs: I don't know how many in-house mobile developers you have, but I'd guess you'll need to contract another studio to develop the application, or at least license you core elements for it for your in-house developer to expand on.  The second route actually seems best, since it both gives you additional control over the style and updates of the application, and also allows for in-house support.  But either way there's definitely money that would have to be put towards it.


Benefits: Well, ideally this would pay for itself with appropriate pricing.  It also has the benefit of ensuring continued engagement with the brand.  People who might otherwise drift away from Warframe due to the "casual/grind" dichotomy would be retained.


Possible Concepts:

  • Sentinel Repair: Boy, those little guys take a lot of punishment.  This game has players draw new parts for damaged Sentinels using Orokin spray-shaping technology.  Sometimes they might come out a little funny-lookin', but who's gonna notice?  They'll blow up again soon enough.
  • Tenno Bonsai Infestation: There's nothing like the relaxing art of tending to your bonsai.  Your rapidly-growing, probably carnivorous, uncomfortably telepathic bonsai.  With a Skana.  At higher levels, Ignis.  (a draw-to-cut game)
  • Hack The Planets: Assault the planetary mainframes of various worlds in complex hacks to disrupt security and sow chaos amongst the enemy factions.
  • Sentry Duty: This puts players in control of a non-Tenno unit: a Neural Sentry that is responsible for repelling a Corpus raid and converting the attackers into allies.  Using a defense pool to establish the starting defenders for each level, players must strategically overwhelm larger groups of attackers, scattering them into vulnerable reprogramming stations where they can be converted.  (Just killing them also works, but it yields fewer defenders for the next stage.)


These are all pretty rudimentary games, and I suspect that pricing would have to reflect this... but I'm sure there are plenty of other possibilities!

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These games sounds good. Sell them for cheap ($5 sounds decent), no microtransactions, tie-in to your Warframe account (like the forums are), and earn credits/ressources! yay!

Those early concepts sounds really fun, especially the bonsai one. I can already imagine how varied and silly fun it may end up being. The Sentry Duty is also promising, a variant of Tower Defence where your towers are former ennemies? Awesome!


It's also the opportunity to play something else than a Tenno. The Sentry is a beginning, but how about the Grineers?


Concept: Grineer Task Force Reloaded (subtitled with a random grineer quote like "combat formation bravo", "stay close to the walls"...)


     You control a small Grineer patrol. Each grineer in the patrol can be outfitted with a large number of items, kind of RPG-like. Items unlockable throughout the game of course. Armor, weapons, gear like rollers... Everything largely customisable. Each grineer has a name (can be customized!), level up and could even have a personnality. Oh, your favourite Lancer died facing a Railgun Moa? No problem, he's being cloned and will be available again soon.

     Then you send them to various missions. Patrol a galleon around mercury, attack corpus ships, defend against the infestation, or even raid a Void Tower! All the while with the threat of Tenno incursion looming over your head, particularly at higher levels...

     The missions would be side-scrolling, touch your units to select them, then give them an order: move up/down, take cover,  focus an ennemy, throw a grenade, use a special ability... Moving up to four grineers in the heat of the combat should prove to be quite challenging. Of course the combat would be quite slow-paced to be humanely possible...

     Neat little things would include running into your own warframe (using the loadout you had when last connected), LORE via talking with grinner bosses, and running into your own grineer patrol while playing warframe (stalker-like event in grineer levels).

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