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15+ Railjack Bugs and some other recent ones


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- (once) End of mission screen didn't show archmelee and its affinity gain

- (frequently) Weapons behave as if they were unmodded (both damage is trash and berserker doesn't proc) both in railjack, grineer asteroids and crewships

- (frequently) End of mission screen shows everything it should have, plus 2 empty placeholder Excalibur slots with some affinity bar

- (once) Piloting the ship that you need to steal in the grineer asteroid made it fly inside the asteroid instead of exiting, colliding with everything and unable to move

- (rarely) Exiting the railjack will keep regular weapons equipped, being able to attack with them, but melee Redeemer was extremely slow in shooting, like half the speed of regular firing. Fixes by recalling to the Railjack and re-exiting. Last time this happened I was slingshoting into a fighter and pressed melee right when I was hitting the fighter, don't remember if other times it was also this way.

- (frequently) Unable to use navigation console in the railjack as a client

- (frequently) Trying to fix a fire/breach/etc sometimes won't show the UI for it and sometimes it will show but take a while (3~7s) for any progress to be made

- (rarely) Entering the grineer asteroid will keep the archwing mode, but stuck to the floor and unable to proceed

- (once, multiple times in the mission) Entering the grineer asteroid will instead teleport the archwing inside of it, requiring to navigate the way out. Had to ask another squad member to finish the mission because I couldn't enter the asteroid.

- (consistent) Pressing X to exit the asteroid and pressing X again during the animation will make it re-enter the asteroid as soon as you're placed outside. Pressing X to enter the asteroid and pressing again won't make you re-exit (please block the input during the animation or make you spawn further away from the door to prevent accidental re-enterings)

- (consistent) Unable to waypoint loot in space (specifically a purple weapon, don't know if other loot can be marked)

- (twice) When finishing a mission and going to the host's drydock, if he leaves the squad and there is no other clan member there, you still stay in his dojo, instead of being kicked with the "dojo is empty, being kicked" message. In the second time, the parked railjack also changed colors (different from both mine and the host's ship). Confirmed there was no one else in the dojo by checking the map and opening the trade.

- (Consistent) Players can use the glyph in the front window, obstructing the pilot's view. (Not really a bug, but a possible harassment)




- (Once) Screen got extremely dark upon exiting grineer asteroid. Fixed by recalling to railjack.




- (Frequently) Helios didn't vacuum the mods. Equipped Syandana vanished (reappeared when went back to the drydock). In the same mission, mods were disabled and it was super laggy, with 160~600 ping. Trying to attack the boarding grineers didn't inflict any damage (numbers don't show up)




- (very frequently) Archwing weapon stay in Warframe's hand when entering the Railjack, but able to use weapons/omni normally (in this picture, with a omni equipped).





Non-Railjack bugs:

- (once) Lenz Solstice alert for Bow Only Corpus Defense: using wukong with exalted weapon equipped, attacking and switching to the bow while entering a nullifier bubble (all at the same time) will make him stuck swinging his arms with nothing in its hand as if trying to use the basic combo, but unable to perform any action other than walking and jumping. /unstuck doesn't work and can't go into operator. Fixed by going out of bounds to reset.

- (consistent UI bug) Clicking in any Lenz skin to preview it, the arrow disappears and the skin stays as the default one. Equipping the skin correctly updates it.


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On 2019-12-22 at 3:17 AM, Daiwulf said:

- (frequently) Weapons behave as if they were unmodded (both damage is trash and berserker doesn't proc) both in railjack, grineer asteroids and crewships

This bug is so old, probably was there from the very beginning. I reported it too nearly a month ago, and probably many others before and after me, but nobody seems to care :thinking:

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