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Warframe Ability Mod Drop Rates


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This is becoming a little pet peeve of mine (Suggestion after the little rant).

Rant:   So far I have played 100 hours. I have only found 1 flow mod, not a single focus mod, and am missing many other mods, including common ones. However I have hundreds of Warframe ability mods, many for frames I do not even have. I search every secret room in the orokin void, which I am in on a regular basis, yet the mods I am finding at least 80% of the time are Warframe Abilitiies. To get a picture of this, I have killed the Stalker 6 times, from those 6 times I have received 4 slash dashes, 1 Serration, and 1 Molten Impact, no blue prints or anything Rare.


It is getting so frustrating when you beat something such as Stalker or Kril and Vor (together) and pick up a slash dash (its the most common one I pick up) Or when you go to all the effort of racing through a orokin puzzle room, just to find 2 Warframe abilities at the end.


Suggestion:  They aren't useful except for selling or using as fusion cores. So my suggestions are, decrease the frequency of the drop rates for the Frame mods, and increase something such as common fusion cores.
Or Completely remove them from the drop tables, so that the portion they are taking up is filled with semi useful mods, or fusion cores, and then place the warframe abilities in the market, purchasable for credits or if you want lots of them, platinum. So for example, make slash dash worth 5000 credits so that if you do accidentally sell yours you can buy it back or make 10x slash dash 5 plat.


This is just a suggestion.


Cheers, TC

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