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Odd Enemy Spawns On T2 Exterminate


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This is a portion of a video I was recording for fun, just to test out my PC. We started a T2 Exterminate mission, and the counter showed 112 enemies. Pretty standard. But after about 10 minutes of running around there were no enemies to be seen. I've encountered this before, so I knew something funny was going to happen. I started recording, and lo and behold. Two rooms from extraction, all 112 enemies pop up and suddenly the silence of the void gets drowned out in all of us mowing them down. I also had a bug where after melee-ing a corpus crewman, an invisible enemy kept shooting me. All of it was recorded on this video. I don't have the log files for this mission unfortunately. Hopefully this clip gives some useful information about this bug. 



Sorry for the S#&$ quality btw

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