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Command Intrinsic "Chief Mate" Suggestion


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I know DE probably already has a good idea of what they want to do with command intrinsics, but I wanted to suggest that alongside a normal NPC crew that would occassionally put out fires or man an emplacement, you could unlock assistants or "Chief Mates" that would help supervise them or specialize.

E.g. Syndicate assistants that could be unlocked as a Syndicate offering like a Perrin Sequence assistant that would give a boost to shields and boost energy because - lore explanation being that Corpus utilize shield tech and OOC explanation being you probably need some damage mitigation with a crew of AI. Or Open World Faction assistants that you could unlock by hitting max rank at Fortuna or Cetus and buying them as a syndicate offering (Solaris United or Quills). Or "Specialists" who would only do one thing, like Clem with a "Gratata" manning the forward artillery cannon which would be a haphazardly welded together amalgamation of multiple Grattlers or Darvo automatically managing the forging of your Railjack's munitions. Unique Chief Mates would be unlocked after doing a unique quest/questline to unlock them.

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